ClickVidio Review – From A Real User With Special Bonuses

Clickvidio Review

ClickVidio Review – Introduction

You are wasting weeks and hours of energy to set up a membership area or make money from your video.

Right now you can forget about the trouble it gives you because ClickVidio has appeared. With only 3 to 4 clicks you’ll get video, video lessons and video content for the fastest profit.

That’s not all, ClickVidio works even if you do not have your own videos or cannot create them yourself. Please continue to read my ClickVidio review to better understand this great product.

ClickVidio Review – Overview

Vendor: Alex Costan
Product: ClickVidio
Launch Date: 2018-Nov-22
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $27 – $47
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Software 

Clickvidio Review – What Is ClickVidio?

ClickVidio is a cloud-based application that ANYONE can use to sell videos and sell them in groups.

ClickVidio works extremely fast and delivers instant results. You can sell all your products in all the largest niches in the market. Moreover, it is a completely new product on the market has never been released before.

Clickvidio Review – The Author

Alex Costan is well known for its excellent digital products. He is a person with many years of experience in the field of marketing and consulting. He just released a product on the market – Social Vid Press. But thanks to this product his name is known. And he continues to devote his time and effort to researching new products. Recently, he launched a product that helps people sell video the fastest way to make a profit – ClickVidio is his second Product. Do not take your eyes off the next part of my review to see what he put inside ClickVidio.

What are the Features of ClickVidio?

  • Set to 60 seconds

Within 60 minutes, you have a great tool to help you create, sell videos or anything you want

  • Keep all the profits yourself

You can create, upload your videos and sell them to any audience. And you will no longer have to pay for designer or traffic.

  • Easy customization

You can edit anything you want with just a few clicks

  • Brought up a list of your buyers

It will automatically build the buyer list in the most scientific way for you. Therefore, you will have the fastest access to your potential customers.

  • Modern sleek interface

You will be offered a great collection of templates to design your product. These interfaces will attract customers to your business as quickly as possible.

  • Secure setup

All your products will be protected in the most optimal way. and no malware will ever be able to penetrate.

Send your leads to different funnels or opt-in pages based on what answers they gave, giving you ultra-targeted lists and sale

My Experience In Using It and How Does It Work?

I used this product as beta tester so today I’m going to make this honest review for you.

So you can trust anything I review today.

Note1: Before showing some main Clickvidio features, I’m going to give you an overview about this tool and tell you the reason why it makes me interested.

[+]Firstly, Clickvidio is a cloud-based software that allows you to create your video course easily. It means it allows you to sell your video courses, and you can make money from it.

The special thing in this software is that you don’t need to do some complicated technical steps.

Everything about your course will be built from Clickvidio dashboard (like interface, structure, etc), then you only need to copy one single line of code and paste it into your WordPress Site and Done!

[+]Secondly, I’m going to explain why you need it. There are 3 reasons:

-#1: Building a membership site about video course helps you look more professionally.

You can’t send one by one Youtube videos to your customers who paid for your courses. This makes you unprofessionally in the customers’ eyes.

-#2: Using Clickvido helps you save money. If you use some e-learning apps like Udemy, you have to share your profit on each sale with them equally.

I believe this is not great for your business. For Clickvidio, you can manage everything you have, and you can keep 100% profit you make.

-#3: Clickivido is simple in use, not like some complicated membership site plugins or themes out there. If you use some tools out there, you have to use tons of your time for watching trainings, discovering tons of features inside them.

For Clickvidio, all you need to do is to copy and paste one single line of code into your website.

Okay, and here is Clickvidio main dashboard:

Clickvidio Review

Now, I’m going to instruct you how to create a video course from Clickvidio:

-Step 1: Insert your course name


-Step 2: Add your videos to your course like below:


Here you can hit the button below and then edit your video like this:


Here from you my screenshot above, you see I added my Youtube video into my course, and I also added description to it.

Then you can add unlimited videos into your course.


After adding some videos, your video course will be available on Clickvidio dashboard like below:


-Step 3: Customize your course skin like below:


You are able to change author avatar or course skin.

There are 5 beautiful skins for you, here I’m going to drop my avatar and choose the skin like below:


-Step 4: Copy embed code and put it into your website


If you want to edit your course content or edit your course skin, you can come back Clickvidio and edit anything you want.

Clickvidio works extremely simply. Here are three steps of it

–       Step 1: Create a new video

–       Step 2: Upload your video and edit it as you like

–       Step 3: Get the code and sell it immediately to make a profit



I highly recommend this product for you. I believe all of us want to sell our courses to clients but there are some difficult stuffs that we got like technical steps, expensive tools.

Clickvidio is a truly solution for you. You can sell unlimited video courses as you want.

Note3: If you want to protect your video content from sharing illegally on the Internet, you have to buy FE+ OTO1. For OTO1, it provides you the tool to make your course more secured.


Clickvidio Review – Who Should Use It?

✓    Product creator

Instead of sitting for hours in front of the computer to work like before, with Clickvidio, you will only need to spend 60 seconds that everything you want will be fulfilled for you. This tool will save you time and effort.

✓    Affiliate marketer

You will quickly get the highest commission when using this product. In addition, you can use other people’s videos and promote them to make a profit.

✓    Blogger

With ClickVidio, you can sell your videos faster. Not only selling your videos but you can also sell courses, materials or anything you want.

Clickvidio will also be an indispensable weapon if you are an Internet Marketer and Youtuber

Clickvidio Review – Advantages and Disadvantages

➢   Pros

  • No need to go through complex setups.
  • No need to purchase membership plugin or builders.
  • No need to sell on platforms like Udemy and losing most of the profits you make.
  • Low one-time price
  • Have a 24/7 consultant

➢   Cons

–       ClickVidio does not have any shortcomings in the process of using.

Clickvidio Review – Price and Evaluation

Clickvidio is a leading technology in the world that allows you to sell video, video courses, video products in just 60 seconds.

It is very fast and easy. Moreover, it offers many customizations that make it easy for users to make the fastest profits from their videos.

Moreover, other than membership-based sites, ClickVidio setup is very easy. With just a few mouse clicks you have got a perfect product ready for traffic and sales.

You can check on the JV site to compare it with other products.

  • OTO1 – ClickVidio Professional Edition ($37) – (SEE DETAILS)

This upgrade offers you many features such as Smart Domain Lock technology and locking technology to protect user’s video.

This upgrade also includes smart seamless upsell for upselling continuity. Furthermore, analytical modules will be set up to help you make the best choice.

  • OTO2 – DFY Video Product for Sale Immediately ($37) – (SEE DETAILS)

With this package, you will receive 10 high-quality video products in 10 hottest niches today.

 In addition, you can use this video to create lists or sell them.

OTO3 – ClickVidio Reseller Agent + Reseller License ($97) – (SEE DETAILS)

This license allows you to sell your SaaS application as a branch and receive 100% of the profits. And you can use the agent license to do other services for customers.

Clickvidio Review – Conclusion

After reading my review, I think you have enough information to make a decision for yourself. Pay attention to its price as it may rise soon after a few hours. If you feel this is really the product you are thirsty, quickly catch it to receive the highest discounted price and many bonuses. Goodbye and good luck!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:


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