EZ Magic Video Review – Your Own Professional Spokesperson

EZ Magic Video Review

EZ Magic Video Review – Introduction

Using spokespeople in marketing videos has been a popular trend now. It allows you to control what they say and make their scripts fit your niche and your goal. However, some common issues relating to this powerful marketing means are the high cost, the lack of recording equipment, and the shortage of content.

If you ever wished to have your own spokespeople without having to spend big bucks and exert your time and effort, you’re definitely not alone. Also, this EZ Magic Video Review is then what you should spend time reading.

In this piece of writing, I will provide an insight of EZ Magic Video. This innovative software is all of what you need to create videos with people speaking whatever you want – perfectly line by line.


Vendor: Todd Gross et al
Product: EZ Magic Video
Launch Date: 2019-July-17
Launch Time: 20:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $27
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page: http://ezmagicvideo.com/
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Video 

EZ Magic Video Review – What Is It?

EZ Magic Video is a cloud-based video creating system in which you have the freedom to make cutting-edge spokesperson videos. With this system, you can have actual live spokespeople talking about your product, niche, or any kind of topic on your demand.

Specifically, you can build and fully customize your scripts, characters, and duration. EZ Magic Video has made it possible to even a newbie to make his own professional looking videos at anytime he wants.

And if you think it sounds too good to be true, it’s really not. It’s fair to say that this software is going to change the way marketers utilize videos in their campaigns.

And what my EZ Magic Video Review appreciates the most about this app is that it’s very versatile. Use it in any niche you want and the performance is always the same.

About the Author – Todd Gross

This name has no longer been a strange name in marketers community. Todd Gross is the author of many best-selling marketing apps and training courses. VideoRobot, Designo Pro 2, VideoBuilder, Instant Video Machine, EZ Video Creator, and EZ Review Videos are some of them.

This man has more than ten years working in the marketing video industry. He has grown up with all the trends coming and passing by. With this newest product, Todd provides his users with a complete walkthrough to harnessing the most recent trend – spokesperson.

Curious about what inside this app? The following parts of this EZ Magic Video Review will tell you everything you need to know.

EZ Magic Video Review – What Are the Great Features?

Top-notch human spokesperson marketing

EZ Magic Video is a software developed by a marketer for the marketers. It thus brings all the features in need to make comprehensive spokesperson marketing videos. This software features a variety of spokespeople, with which you are free to choose the character you like.

Full script customization

This comprehensive app allows you to select from thousands of clip templates. And besides the ability to opt for the character you like, you can also edit the scripts. In other words, you can make the scripts go in anyway you want. 

High-quality synchronization

As you have the full control on the spokespeople, you can decide what they will say. And what really makes EZ Magic Video worth its weight in gold is that the spokespeople will say exactly what you scripted. It’s “line-by-line” correct.

HD video quality

All the videos produced by this software have the High Definition quality. This means that you can use them instantly for any of your campaigns. They are all ready to sell, and the price is up to you to decide.

Cloud-based and newbie-friendly platform

As my EZ Magic Video Review already mentioned, this software does not require any learning curve. I don’t think you will ever need any money to hire the casts and designers for your videos.

Also, there will be no hard time trying to learning something new. Every feature inside EZ Magic Video is highly understandable and intuitive.

Who Should Use It?

First, I want to make it clear that EZ Magic Video can work with any niche. Marketers with different backgrounds, marketing goals and field should then have no worry.

Second, this software is a perfect choice for newbies and even those with no experience in video marketing. It is a point-and-click software for fast yet stunning video creation.

Last but very not least, if you already have some experiences in video marketing, this tool is still worth considering. It gives you the full autonomy

EZ Magic Video Review – Personal experience

I used this cloud-based tool as beta tester so you can trust anything I review today.

Creating a marketing video has never been an easy task, let alone video with spokespersons in it. It may take you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and hours. Yet, the result always seems hard to predict.

Since I started using EZ Magic Video, things have been much easier, faster, and more cost-effective. Todd Gross is a trusted software developer. Especially if you are familiar with his other products, you probably know what I mean.

I don’t think I can recommend this package any higher in this short EZ Magic Video Review. Once you have it for yourself, you will realize a big change in the way you produce marketing videos.

Now I will take you a tour into it to help you know more details.

Here is the main dashboard of EZ Magic Video after logging in:

And now I will go to the main part, here is the dashboard where you can create your own video with human spokesperson.

As I see, there are 6 human spokespersons under 2 parts: General Marketing and Local Marketing.

[+]General Marketing: Including affiliate marketing, closings, creating and selling digital products, crypto currency, ecommerce, ecommerce software, email marketing, facebook ads, facebook marketing, fillers, general marketing, Instagram, intro, list building, making money from Amazon, making money through PLR, membership sites, MLM marketing, proof, scarcity, selling T-shirts, the offer, traffic generation, transitions, with motion, youtube marketing.

[+]Local Marketing: Including accountant, auto dealer, child custody, chiropractor, closings, computer repair, cosmetic surgery, credit repair, dentist, fillers, fitness trainer, hair salon, home remodeler, HVAC, locksmith, painter, personal injury attorney, pest control, plumber, real estate, roofer, selling commercials, SEO, social media marketing, transitions, water damage restoration.

They are all well-known spokespersons but I prefer Todd to others so I will choose him as my human spokesperson today.

Then you are moved on the place to edit your video. See image below:

There is a lists of fields for you like Affiliate marketing, List Building, Crypto, Ecommerce, Facebook Marketing, MLM,etc. (I list full details above)

Now I will choose “Intro” to make some welcome words. There is a list of default sentences and I will choose 2 sentences like below to make the beginning:

PS: Then you have 4 options to your text:

[+]Centered no text: only have human spokesperson, not text on the screen

[+]Text right: have human spokesperson and text is on the right of screen

[+]Text only: only text, not spokesperson

[+]Zoomed In: this effect makes spokesperson zoom-in to emphasize the text you want.

For this example today, I will choose Text right, you can choose the option you like.

As above, I will continue choosing some others sentences like below:

Now you can edit your background and your audio as below:

There are so many many backgrounds and audios for your selection:

Finally, click “RENDER” to finish your editing, and please wait a little bit time and then you can download it to your computer.

And here is the video I made:

And Others Under Different Niches:



Ok, to finish my experience when using it, I want to provide you a short demo video, you can watch it before taking action today:



In my opinion, this is super simple video tool to use, you don’t need any technical skills. There is some training videos inside member area for you but you know I even don’t need to watch them, I can make a video easily.

It’s now time to say farewell to working and compromising with difficult spokespersons and video designers. Depending on your niche and goal, you can use EZ Magic Video in your way.

The bottom line

EZ Magic Video is a video creation software for everyone. At the front-end price of only $27, it’s a good bargain. Todd Gross and his team have just developed a truly valuable product with great affordability.

Beside, EZ Magic Video has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs:

FE:  EZ Magic Video: Local Edition – $27

Build your own videos featuring human spokespersons, where they will say what you want, line by line.  Our cloud-based software features over 2,000 clips, you can add backgrounds to the videos, soundtracks, and more.  Featuring 12 different local businesses niches. Commercial license included.

This package will normally sell for $99

> OTO1:  EZ Magic Video: Local Upgrade – $37

The upgrade gives you more of everything.  Another 2,000 clips, tons of new local business niches, more backgrounds, and even more soundtracks.  If you are serious about building your local agency, you should give this a look. Double your inventory.

> OTO2:  EZ Magic Video Agency – $67

Want to get your business started as quickly as possible?  This special offer includes a done-for-you website, that is all setup for you to sell your new services.  This wordpress site features a WYSIWYG interface, a working shopping cart, and more. This offer also unlocks 1,000 additional video clips that you can use to build your own spokesperson videos to promote your own services.

> OTO3:  EZ Voicemail System – $47
Need to get in front of businesses quickly?  The EZ Voicemail System will give you the ability to use a powerful voice broadcasting service.  Use this to call businesses after they are closed, and leave a message. Includes enough credits to leave 2,000 messages on local businesses voicemails.  This is a very powerful lead machine.

Get new monthly clips based on member suggestions, trending niches, hot topics, and more.

Inside this software, it’s not only the features that will attract you. The video quality will also make you feel every single penny is well spent. Especially when spokesperson marketing video has now been a trend, having EZ Magic Video under your belt will help you a lot to monetize your videos.

I really hope this EZ Magic Video Review equipped you with what you need to know about this software. Thank you for reading and I will meet you in other writings.

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