Sellin Messenger Review – Dominate the E-commerce Niche with Facebook Messenger

Sellin Messenger Review

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

According to a recent research, nearly 25% of online buyers do not want to make phone calls when they have concerns about the products. Despite the fact that all information may be displayed on the site, they rarely read because they do not have enough time. Instead, they tend to ask questions in order to feel more confident when buying the product. If they cannot solve their inquiry in a short time, they are likely to cancel the purchase.

Artificial intelligence, as a matter of fact, is a good solution to this problem. Although artificial intelligence might sound so far away, chatbots are actually the product of this technology. These chatbots have the ability to benefit your business significantly, and they can be utilized without any technical experience at all.

If this is what you have been looking for, do not forget to stay tuned for a more thorough discussion of Sellin Messenger Review.

Sellin Messenger Review – Overview

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Jai Sharma et al
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  • Launch Time:
11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price:
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Click Here
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  • Refund:
30-day money back guarantee
  • Recommend:
Highly recommend

What Is SellinMessenger?

SellinMessenger is an all-in-one application that enables you to put your both your physical and digital e-commerce products on sales using your Facebook Messenger. Simply put, you do not need to set up an entire website to host your products, but SellinMessenger allows your clients to scan through your offers in a favorable way, not to mention that they can also make their purchases straight from Messenger.

In addition, by using SellinMessenger, customers are able to keep track of their orders, as well as ask for constant support from the live help desk through Facebook Messenger. In order to find out more details about this platform, take a look at my Sellin Messenger Review’s next sections.

Jai Sharma – A World Market Leader

I firmly believe that Jai Sharma can be regarded as a top leader in affiliate marketing, especially with all the successful launches on multiple e-commerce platforms like JVZoo. Some of his recent trending innovations are Funnel Messenger, ShotMessenger, GramKosh, and so on.

The most outstanding feature in all of his products is that they are extremely easy to operate, so you are not likely to have difficulty using them. Due to his worldwide prestige, Jai Sharma’s latest application, which is SellinMessenger, is believed to be another huge success in the market as it meets the expectations of several marketers.

What Are the Features of SellinMessenger?

Here is a summary of what SellinMessenger has to offer:

  • Automatically sell and offer your products 24/7
  • Let you read and reply to inboxes on complete autopilot without having to open Facebook Messenger
  • Import products from WooCommerce and Shopify effortlessly
  • Keep track of the consumer purchase profile and history right inside Messenger
  • Set up engaging and high-converting conversations with your clients
  • Provide users with a built-in Facebook Messenger lead generator
  • Built as many targeted lists as you want


How Does It Work?

There are four primary steps that you need to go through in order to activate SellinMessenger.

  • Step 1: Synchronize your Facebook account with SellinMessenger
  • Step 2: Add your Facebook pages
  • Step 3: Import your products and add your automatic messages
  • Step 4: Insert the Facebook chat to your business site
  • Step 5: Start Selling Your Products

User Recommendation

My Sellin Messenger Review has already stated that you can get rid of all the manual work involved because this system integrates with multiple major payment platforms. What’s more, this application is also able to send a personalized message to every single client so that you can ensure each customer perceives the best customer service.

As far as I am concerned, SellinMessenger is a stunning technology that allows you to build up an entire e-commerce store, as well as make sure that your products are sold in a personalized method to your clients. What’s more, you only need to import your products and configure your settings once.

Pros and Cons


  • The online supporting team is highly responsive to inquiries
  • No technical experience needed
  • Newbie-friendly dashboard


  • No significant weaknesses

Personal Experience

I also want to share my personal feelings in this Sellin Messenger Review after having used it for a while. I think the most impressive part of SellinMessenger is that it has the ability to detect customers’ locations in order to display their native language on my site. This, in turn, elevates an excelling shopping experience for visitors. To be specific, there is a total of 102 different languages are embedded within the system.

Moreover, SellinMessenger offers users a chance to become a store owner using Facebook Messenger only. In other words, I can host and sell my products through this platform without having to create a website. Therefore, SellinMessenger is absolutely ideal for those who do not have enough budget to maintain a business website.

I used this product as beta tester so you can trust anything I review today.

I’m going to take a tour to help you understand more details about it.

Here is the main Sellin Messenger dashboard after login:

Next, you have to choose the Facebook Fanpage you manage:

Here is the main dashboard after I connect my Fanpage “Trendy T-Shirt And Necklace”:

Firstly, you have to add your category like below:

And then install your eCom Store like Woocommerce, Shopify or others into SellinMessenger, see my screenshot below:

Then you have to create Flow chat as below:

Here is flow chat dashboard:

As you see, you can create any flow chat with you visitors and beside, you also add more elements into your chat as Text, Image, Audio, Video, File, Email, Gallery, and List.

Moreover, you can add quick reply as well:

And here is the result, my visitors will see a box chat on website as well as Facebook like below:

-Website (this feature is in OTO 1):

-My Facebook:

I just introduce some steps to create a simple flow chat. If you still feel confused, you can watch demo video below:


In my opinion, I appreciate this tool because I think it is necessary for our business. Traffic is really important but you and I lose much amount of traffic everyday. So I think we have to take advantage of using Messenger to avoid losing traffic. Beside, I am sure that using Messenger to sell goods boosts the conversion rate.

Evaluation and Price

Via this Sellin Messenger Review, I want to put an emphasis on its potential to become a trending product in the field. Additionally, if you purchase this application at this stage, the front-end price is $37, so make sure to make your decision quickly before you suffer from the unexpected rise in price.

Beside, Sellin Messenger has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs:

-Front-End (SellinMessenger – $37-$97) (See Details)

1st Ever Messenger Sales/eCom Tool to Convert FB Messenger into Sales Machine

-OTO 1 (Funnel Messenger – $67-$97) (See Details)

Convert Your Website Visitors into Facebook Messenger Leads

-OTO 2 (Shot Messenger – $97-$127) (See Details)

Convert Your Facebook Page Fans into Subscribers & send them messages via facebook messenger

-OTO 3 (Reselling Rights For Shot Messenger – $247-$497) (See Details)

-OTO 4 (Reselling Rights For Funnel Messenger – $247-$497) (See Details)

Also, you will be able to have your full investment returned during a period of 30 days if you are not satisfied with what SellinMessenger has to offer. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being cheated because your money is basically protected by the refund policy.

The Bottom Line

Generally, SellinMessenger has made it extremely easy for online shoppers to be highly responsive to customers’ questions and concerns. As a result, you are likely to rapidly engage them in intimidating conversations, converting visitors into clients in an effortless way.

Last but not least, I want to dedicate my most heartful thanks to those who have kept up with my Sellin Messenger Review to the very end. I hope that you have gained a greater understanding of how this system works, and I strongly recommend that you try using this to start operating your own e-commerce store. However, if there is any problem, just contact me, and we will figure out the solution together. Good luck!

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