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SenseDrill Review

SenseDrill Review – Introduction

Google Adsense is one of the first choices for people who want to monetize their websites or blogs. With the capabilities of Google, you can access a wide range of advertisers and choose the most relevant ads to show your visitors. However, making money on this platform is not an easy task.

In most cases, you will have to wait for months before your results start appearing. You also need tons of organic traffic consistently, meaning you have to invest heavily in SEO, backlinks or paid traffic. As a result, the incomes from the ads may not cover your expenses completely.

I was also struggling with my marketing campaigns until I found SenseDrill. This course helps its leaners to generate profits on Adsense like big-budget companies. Now, I am ready to share my experience with you through my SenseDrill Review!

SenseDrill Review – Overview


Vendor: Ivana Bosnjak et al
Product: SenseDrill
Launch Date: 2018-Mar-19
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $13
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Affiliate Marketing 

SenseDrill Review – What Is SenseDrill?

SenseDrill is a bundle of training videos and documents that teach you how to make quick money with Google Adsense. The majority of online marketers thinks this platform has become obsolete, but that is a misconception since Google is paying more and more for it.

Through this course, you will know a particular type of Facebook ads that can double your investment on Adsense no matter in which niches you work. Also, you do not have to create your own contents, products, or to pay an insane amount of money for ads.

Take a look at live proof!

About the Authors

Ivana Bosjnak is a well-known marketer who owns many successful products. Her launches are always welcomed by thousands of customers. A quick Google Search will give you a lot of her previous work such as Video Cash Bonanza, YT Affiliate Formula, My Video Advantage, etc. Among them, there are many quality courses guiding beginner marketers.

SenseDrill Review – What Are the Features of SenseDrill?

Comprehensible Training Materials

You will learn the needed Adsense strategies through quality training videos and pdf files. The materials are written and prepared in a coherent way to so that everyone can study them without any prior knowledge or experience.

WordPress Pages That Google Favor

Before participating in Adsense, you need to a website or a blog to display ads. SenseDrill will teach you how to set up your WordPress pages quickly and conveniently while fitting all requirements of Google. You also learn about free but necessary plug-ins to install on your sites.

Profitable Niches

Choosing the suitable niches is also an important task, but it typically requires lots of trials, and you may lose time and money. This course points out the 5 most viral niches right now. They are the results from the authors’ real campaigns. Thus, you can trust and choose one of them for your businesses.

Methods to Make Money with Facebook Ads

There is a special kind of Facebook ads that are not only affordable (0.0018 per link click) but also profitable. It is proven to consistently double your investment, giving you stable incomes with little work.

Insane Scalability

One of the best features of SenseDrill is that its business model can be scaled up for maximum profits. You can purchase the same type of Facebook ads on a larger scale, and they will produce more and more incomes.

Minimal Investment

Most gurus advise beginners to focus on original content creation and SEO which are costly and time-consuming. However, you do not have to do that way with SenseDrill. You can make a full-time income while doing much less. Of course, you need money to buy the Facebook ads being used, but they cost very little money compared to other ones.

How to Use It?

No training, requirements, technical skills are necessary to understand the documents and apply their knowledge. Just start watching them now and follow these steps:

  • Set up a highly-rated WordPress site
  • Buy the largely-ignored type of Facebook ads
  • Make a Google Adsense and display your ads on the site.
  • Watch your incomes skyrocket; you can scale up your campaigns for more benefits

SenseDrill Review – Why Should You Buy It?

It Requires Very Little Investment

SenseDrill suits people who are finding a way to monetize their websites or blogs. The applied method requires little money and effort to set up while generating massive profits. It was a result of a constant and painful trial process made by the authors. They just accidentally discover it, unlike many other failed marketers.

Thankfully, you and I do not have to experience that challenge. The course will show you the process; you just need to follow it precisely for a stable income.

You Can Make Steady Money on Google Adsense

Despite all misunderstandings, Google annual pay billions of dollars to marketers or website owners participating in Adsense. That is the reason why you still have chances to make money from this platform, especially when many people have been leaving it, weakening the competition. You should use an unconventional but proven method run your campaigns, and that what SenseDrill offers.

Pros and Cons


  • Making money with Adsense
  • Scalable marketing model
  • No need for SEO, backlinks, etc.
  • No technical skills or experience required
  • Applicable to any niches
  • Cheap Facebook ads that can double your investment


  • No significant weakness

Price And How To Buy It?

SenseDrill has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs:

-Front-End (SenseDrill – $12.65)

-OTO 1 (Exclusive Case Studies Pack – $27)

Package of 5 Video Case Studies for FB ads campaigns to help you get started fast in Top #5 Niches. All the LIVE RESULTS are REVEALED inculding the Ad Image, Budget, Targeted Audience and Optimisation of the Fb ad campaign.

-OTO 2 (Advance FB Training – $47-$67)

Access to Advance FB Retargeting training that will help you:

+Retargeting on FB that will improve your return on investment (ROI)

+How your FB ad can reach potential customers on your retargeting list.

+How you can efficiently take benefit of the differnet Ad Placements on FB and how each placement can affect their visitor’s cost and leads for any online business.

+Take the advance steps to master the HIGHEST Engaging Social Media Traffic and keep yourself 10 steps ahead of your competitors

-OTO 3 (SenseDrill Resellers – $67)

Resell Rights license to ‘SenseDrill’ funnel and get 100% commission on the entire funnel!


Google Adsense can make you good money without much investment. However, big websites, gurus, or companies all recommend you to invest in SEO, contents, and traffic. As you have already seen, this way of doing is not affordable. Many people have to give up before reaching their goals, and the successful ones must sacrifice a lot of time, money, and stamina that can be spent for family, friends, and life.

I bet no one wants to work to exhaustion just to gain modest incomes. Online marketing still generates a lot of money if you are doing it the right way, and SenseDrill is one of the guidance you need. Its creators experienced much hardship to come up with this method so that you can take advantages of it and go straight to your dreamed incomes

$13 is an affordable price considering the benefits you will get. On top of that, there are 14 days of money back guarantee, so this is a risk-free option. Hope my article can support you somewhat in monetizing your websites. Thank you for reading!

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