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CreateDeliver Review

CreateDeliver Review – Introduction

If you are specializing in creating and selling memberships, digital products, or information, then you must have faced several problems. For example, you might struggle with the installation process with WordPress. Not to mention that the hosting service can cost an arm and a leg when the server needs upgrading.

Besides, constant updates are another severe issue. Normally, you can use cloud services because they do not require you to pay monthly fees. However, these servers take a long time to set up, and it may charge you with invisible fees that you do not even know that they exist.

Therefore, CreateDeliver comes into play as a brand new platform which provides the necessary solutions to all of the above issues. Follow my CreateDeliver Review for more details.

CreateDeliver Review – Overview

  • Vendor:
Steve Benn
  • Product:
  • Launch Date:
  • Launch Time:
11:00 EDT
  • Price:
  • Sales Page:
Click Here
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  • Refund:
30-day money back guarantee
  • Recommend:
Highly recommend

CreateDeliver Review – What Is CreateDeliver?

Generally, CreateDeliver is a cloud-based system that lets subscribers come up with membership products and protected downloads in a few minutes. To be specific, you can generate more sales and opt-ins using any page builder.

Moreover, this application takes advantage of the drag-n-drop technology, thus allowing to you secure the payment processing and downloads. As a result, you will find it easier to expand your list, as well as advertise your affiliate products in the blink of an eye.

CreateDeliver Review – About Author

Steve Benn is the original creator of CreateDeliver. In case you do not know him, this CreateDeliver Review intends to provide readers with some information about this guy. Particularly, he specializes in making traffic-generating products, including Simple Traffic Formula, Special Offer Gold, and so on.

This time, Steve and his team have created CreateDeliver, aiming at those who are desperate to generate suitable memberships and products. By implementing this tool, you won’t have to wonder how to generate profits why you haven’t even started.

CreateDeliver Review – Features & Benefits

Even though the process of activating CreateDeliver is extremely simple, the results you are able to bring out are remarkable. First and foremost, you need to identify what kind of content you want to deliver, such as downloads, training courses, and so on. In general, you have to choose a name for your project, then click “next” to choose a theme. After that, you can customize your product to adapt to your concepts.

In addition, this widget can also help you automatically build your products. After that, you can select an appropriate way to deliver your products. For example, you can choose to sell it directly, or you can distribute it through affiliate marketers.

CreateDeliver Review – My Experience In Using CreateDeliver:

I got CreateDeliver review access from the vendors last week so today I’m going to make the honest review for you.

So you can trust anything I review today.

Here is main dashboard of CreateDeliver:

CreateDeliver Review

There are 3 types of campaigns you are able to create with CreateDeliver, including: Paid For, Optin, and Content Locking.


Basically they are same some steps but different purposes.

Now I’m going to take only one example to help you understand about it.

For example I’m going to create my “PaidFor” project like below:

-Step 1: Set your project name


-Step 2: Set up your subdomain name. It will be like CreateDeliver also allows you to use your own domain.


-Step 3: Connect your Amazon S3 or use your another location files as below:


Note1: It’s recommend to use Amazon S3 for CreateDeliver. It’s paid location but it’s so cheap. Beside, you can use some others locations like Vimeo, Youtube, Wistia.

-Step 4: Now you can add your videos, files into this project:


Note2: You can click “Add Module” to breakdown your content inside your course.


-Step 5: You are able to add more content to your course as below:


At this step, you need to put your text content, audioplayer URL, file download link.

Here above are just some steps to create a new project and add content to it.

Now I’m going to introduce some other sections inside CreateDeliver:



Here you can customize your membership site theme.

There are tons of themes for your selection here:




Here you are able to customize some elements about your membership site like course status, title, subdomain (or your custom domain), front page text,



This is an email you are able set up before. It will be sent when anyone purchases your course.



Here you can customize your storage setting



Here you are able to manage your course members like manually add or remove the members.



You are able customize your payments as below, CreateDeliver provides some payment integrations like ThriveCart, jvzoo, Warrior Plus, PaykickStart, WSO Pro, Paypal, Stripe.

I appreciate this section because it covers all of good platforms on the market.


I know there are tons of membership site tools out there but you have to know what is most suitable for you.

Some others platforms I see on the market have too many features inside, even there are some features I never ever used LOL. Beside, I’m pretty sure each platform only works with one payment processor while CreateDeliver covers all.

Other platforms charge you on each sale you make while CreateDeliver doesn’t. This is a good feature I recommend you to use CreateDeliver.

Who Should Buy It?

From my point of view, I highly recommend CreateDeliver to freelance business owners. This is because the majority of them do not have a fixed place to work, and they have to move around a lot. For that reason, CreateDeliver is completely cloud-based, thus allowing followers to access their personal account wherever they want with an Internet connection.

What’s more, CreateDeliver has the ability to simplify its interface by minimalizing everything on the screen, focusing on the essentials. For that reason, you can work under any condition.

One of the unique factors about CreateDeliver is that it supplies free hosting services for every business. Also, you will not have to pay any cost to upgrade the domain. While WordPress is always the worst choice in terms of server hosting, researchers have carried out some experiments with CreateDeliver instead. The results found out that it limits the number of crashes and slow speed.

Pros and Cons


  • Fully compatible with all niche markets
  • Do not require users to have previous experiences
  • Online support is available 24/7
  • A private Facebook group is created for fellow CreateDeliver users in order to discuss relevant issues


  • No significant bugs

CreateDeliver Review – Why Should You Buy It?

As soon as you come up with a new product using CreateDeliver, it will provide users with a sounding subdomain from its premium domains. Nevertheless, you can also opt for your own domain if you think it is better than the available collection. Additionally, CreateDeliver does not require subscribers to be an expert in this field.

The thing that I love the most about CreateDeliver is that it creates a powerful representation for your product. You can choose among 15 different themes, as well as customize all of the elements to obtain a perfect product.

CreateDeliver Review – Evaluation and Price

From my personal experience, CreateDeliver is an excellent choice in terms of product generation. If you are tormenting among what kinds of content to deliver, this widget supplies users with a platform to simplify their choices. Not to mention that it grants you with everything you need to monetize your initial ideas.

Specifically, if you are looking forward to exploring more information about this platform, please keep an eye on its official launch on October 20, 2018. The front-end package will also be released with the price of $197.

To sum up, I strongly believe that CreateDeliver will completely alternate the way you think about digital product creation. I have put my faith in this system that it will sooner or later become a big hit in the market due to its endless potentials. One of the best things about this tool is that the supporting team is super responsive to questions.

Last but not least, I want to help you guys memorize key factors about this system through CreateDeliver Review. Thank you for making it to the last sentence of this writing. If you have any concern, you can discuss with me before proceeding further. Good luck and see you later!

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