Traffic Mojo Review – From A Real User With Special Bonuses

Traffic Mojo Review

Traffic Mojo Review

Traffic Mojo Review – Introduction

Traffic is an important factor leading to the success of businesses.

So where is the traffic flow and how to get it and convert it successfully?

As far as I know, social networking sites are home to the most traffic available today, especially Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Are you making money with them? If the answer is yes, you are lucky because my Traffic Mojo review today will introduce you to a tool to help you get unlimited traffic on today’s hottest social networking sites.

Traffic Mojo Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Dan Ashendorf et al
  • Product: Traffic Mojo
  • Launch date: 2019  – Jan – 12
  • Launch time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-end Price: $27
  • Website: Click Here
  • Niche: General
  • Recommend: Highly Recommended

What Is Traffic Mojo?

Traffic Mojo is cloud software that generates traffic for users. Traffic Grave will help you find online trends to convert into extremely targeted campaigns that attract massive traffic by clicking.

Traffic Mojo Review – The Author – Dan Ashendorf and his teammates

Have you ever heard the name Dan Ashendorf? If you are active in the marketing market, the name is too familiar to you. Dan Ashendorf is a great supplier in the market. He always launches great products to serve the needs of customers. Some of his products are best known as Affiliate Hero, Dragon Commission, Bonus Monkey, and Viral Video Commissions.

Recently, he continued to accompany his colleagues and launched Traffic Mojo – a tool that helps drive traffic on 6 major social media sites. The next section in my Traffic Mojo review will help you get an overview of this product.

Traffic Mojo Review – What are the Features of Traffic Mojo?

Here are some great features of this product

  • There will be 30 campaigns available each month for you
  • Discover content trends on profitable social networking sites on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Giphy
  • Track the performance of your campaigns
  • Create quotes / Meme to attract potential customers
  • Your campaigns will be shared automatically on social media
  • Add custom and Hashtags to your campaigns
  • Limit 100 campaigns
  • More than 5k photo libraries and quotes ready for you
  • Integrate Pixabay

My Experience In Using It and How Does It Work?

I used Traffic Mojo as beta tester so today I’m going to make this honest review for you.

So you can trust anything inside my review.

Note1: Before explaining main Traffic Mojo features, I’m going to provide you an overview about this tool.

Please take a look to my screenshot below:


Here is main Traffic Mojo dashboard:


The most important feature from Traffic Mojo is that it allows you to find trending content from some platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Imgur, Pinterest, Giphy.

See my image below:


Then your requirement is to put your keyword and select the platform you want.

For example, I’m going to put my keyword “dogs” and select “Pinterest”.

Here is my result:


I get tons of trending cute puppies from Instagram.

You can click to view any posts you want or you can hit “Save Media” to save it for further usage.

Now your trending images are saved into the place called “Saved Media” as below:


You can also hit “Drop Files” button to upload your own images (From your computer).

Note2: Traffic Mojo also has a module that allows you to customize your content as below:


This means you can customize your images from Traffic Mojo dashboard without using any other design software. This tool is so simple, and it doesn’t require any Photoshop skills.

Note3: Before creating campaigns with Traffic Mojo, you have to connect your social media accounts to it.

Traffic Mojo allows you to connect your 6 social media accounts to it like below:


Now I’m going to instruct you how to create a new campaign with Traffic Mojo.

This campaign allows you to share the trending content that you get from Traffic Mojo before to some social media accounts you connected.

It includes 2 steps:

-Step 1: Select trending images that you saved to Traffic Mojo before:


-Step 2: Customize your message

Take a look to my screenshot below:


You can put your special link to your image (like your affiliate link, your optin link, or any links you want), and your users will be redirected to the place you set up.

Beside, you can customize your post by inserting image message, image hashtags.

After finishing everything, you can schedule your post as below:


Hence, Traffic Mojo is easy to use without requiring any skills. Here is the operation process of this software

  • Step 1: The software will find the hottest content according to the keywords you provide. You will quickly see the best, most compelling trends you can use for your campaigns
  • Step 2: Use the image editor to turn it into content that people like, share and click in minutes.
  • Step 3: Publish photos and meme on social media sites like Imgur, Facebook, Instagram.


Traffic Mojo Review – Who Should Use It?

It is a great product for you if you are

–       Affiliate marketers

–       eCommerce Store Owners

–       Bloggers

–       YouTube video marketers

–       Social Media managers

–       Anyone looking for more traffic

Advantages and Disadvantages

➢    Pros

  • Traffic on Tap

With Mojo traffic you will get free traffic with just 1 click.

  • Sell many products

The more traffic you get, the higher your sales will be.

  • Build a community

Your articles will be easily accessible to everyone. You will benefit from Halo Halo effects associated with great content.

  • Easy to use

The software does not require any skills at all. All set up within minutes.

  • Works on all devices

Traffic Mojo works smoothly on both desktop, tablet or mobile device

➢    Cons

  • During use, I have not seen any disadvantages of this product. All you need is to check the internet connection to your computer before starting work.

Price and Evaluation

Traffic Mojo is priced at $ 27. In addition, there will be some upgrades for you to choose from as follows

  • OTO 1 – PRO – priced at $ 47

Some features you will get in this package

  • Discover fascinating content on social networking sites
  • Create unlimited campaigns for your store or website
  • More than 25k + photo gallery
  • Provide periodic campaigns every month
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Create unlimited campaigns
  • 10 social accounts/networks
  • OTO 2 – Agent – priced at $ 67

With this package, you will receive

  • Commercial license – Use for customers
  • Create 10 FE account users
  • Group access – Secondary account
  • Unlimited account / social network
  • OTO3: TRAINING: $ 47 – (Downsell $ 4.95 / month + $ 67 periodically)

With this upgrade, you will have 52 weeks of practice with the group where you can be sharing the experiences of the world’s leading experts.

  • OTO4: Reseller: priced at $ 67

You can resell Traffic Mojo and earn 100% commission.

Please take a look to my screenshot below to check more details:


In addition, this product also has a 100% return policy. Therefore, you will not have any risk when using it.


Traffic Mojo is what you need to take your business to a new level. You should not ignore the hottest trends in the market.

Traffic Mojo will help you get tons of traffic to your business to prosper

In addition to the great features it brings, you will also receive a lot of bonuses from suppliers. This is really a great product I’ve ever seen.

I used this product and shared my feelings about it for you. I hope, the information I share will help you make decisions for your business.

Thanks for reading my Traffic Mojo review. Good luck!

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