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Videze Review

Videze Review – Introduction

According to Forbes, videos account for more than 80% of Internet traffic. Videos are becoming a powerful tool in persuading viewers to make a purchase. For that reason, videos are your best approach to grab attention and drive more sales as much as possible.

However, your videos have to be really stand out amongst a sea of marketing videos on the Internet. If there is hardly anything attractive or beautiful in your videos, I am pretty sure they will not bring so many positive changes to your business.

If you want to get ahead of the competition and thrive your business in the long run, then it’s time to seek a trusted solution. By creating unique, mesmerizing videos, your viewers can be more interested in what you are selling.

But let’s deal with the reality. You do not always have enough resources such as skills, money and time to create such videos. There are lots of software which can help, however, they are either too expensive or too complicated to use. Hiring someone to create videos for you is not a good option, either. It may cost your business an arm and a leg.


Videze helps create stunning, breath-taking animated videos with just some clicks.

  • Create cinematic animated videos within minutes
  • All-in-one video creating suite
  • Can run on any platform and browser including smartphones


Videze Review – Overview


Vendor: Mo Miah
Product: Videze
Launch Date: 2018-Mar-01
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $47
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support Desk:

Videze Review – What Is It?

Before getting into details, in this part of the Videze Review, let me explain clearly what Videze is. This is a full-featured, cloud-based app which uses the latest technology to create animated videos in many styles as high quality mesmerizing animated logos, lower thirds, intros and outros, 3D live action videos, whiteboard & explainer videos, kinetic typography videos, slide show and promo videos, and much more. You can put your brand, text, images, and logo to create a stunning marketing video.

Here Are Just Some Of The Many Spectacular Videos You Can Create With Videze With Just A Few Clicks

Live Action Animation

Kinetic Typography


About author

Videze was created by Mo Miah and John Gibb. They are all well-known marketers in the field. Until now, they have created so many successful software and tools including Authority Pro 3.0, Funnel Trax, Webinar Ignition, FreshTitle and so much more.

Understanding the hardship of creating videos, Mo Miah cooperated with John Gibb to find out a solution for newbies and experienced marketers. Creating videos will not be a nightmare for anyone anymore.

It took Mo Miah and John Gibb a long time to finish the package. There are so many criteria to care for and one of them is to make the tool as newbie friendly as possible. They had to face one enormous problem which is how to maintain the platform and sell it to users at an affordable price. Finally, they made it.

Videze Review – Feature Details

What can Videze do? You may ask. The main function of Videze is to create cinematic videos with ease. I know many of you have tried to use complicated video-creating tools at least once. I get that because I have tried it, too. It took so much time to get used to a software which is not worth.

With just a few clicks, Videze will bring all its magic to help create Hollywood-style which draws the attention of prospects better than before. Videze offers users a whole bunch of cinematic templates which take thousands to be complete. After choosing your favourite template, you can personalize it by adding a logo, images, and text easily.

Videze is a powerful tool to create any type of videos. Whether it is animated logo promos, live motion, slideshows, kinetic typography, explainer or even whiteboard, Videze is your ideal solution.

Well, let’s take a closer look at its features. Besides an amazing ability to create videos of any type, Videze also allows you to create 2D or 3D logos in any niche. It only takes minutes, to be honest. What’s more, you can easily grab viewers’ attention by providing amazing explainer videos which can boost conversions magically.

There are many tools to help you do that, including many visual scenes, characters, images, kinetic typography and more. Adding these to your videos to make it colourful and lively.

If those features are not enough for you, then it’s time to move onto the whiteboard videos. They offer many character animations, backgrounds, images, and scenes to help you launch a wonderful video.

One more thing I should share in this Videze Review is that this is a cloud-based tool. It works on all types of platforms or browser or devices. Whether you are working on a desktop, a PC, a smartphone or a tablet, there will not be any hassle in the process.

Also, there is a team of in-house developers to make sure the app runs smoothly all the time. They are also open to feedback from users and constantly try to upgrade the platform in the long run.

At this point, you should know that you do not need any specific skill or experience to use Videze. Even if you have not created any video before, you can start creating one with Videze.

How to Use It

This is what you do to create a complete video:

Step 1: Choose a template

They offer a huge range of templates for you to choose. Whatever you need, they’ve got it.

Step 2: Customize:

Videze comes with great flexibility, allowing users to customize their videos however they like.

Step 3: Render

This is where you finish your thing. A complete HD video will be exported in a few minutes.

The cost to maintain templates on the platform is very expensive. Therefore, Videze comes with a limit on the number of videos you can create. It comes in two versions: the personal license and the commercial license. If you get the personal license, you can only render 20 times each month. This number will go up to 50 times if you go for the commercial license.

This is the comparison between two versions:

Personal license Commercial License
·      Limited access to features

·      20 renders per month

·      Limited use of animations for personal projects only

·      Full access to features

·      50 renders per month

·      Unlimited use of animations for personal projects and client projects

Obviously, there are many other apps on the market that can offer similar features. However, they usually ask for a monthly fee of $67 to $197 a month. This is way too expensive. Not to mention you have to fend for yourself the whole time, so it may end up wasting more time.

Who Should Use It?

Videze provides a platform which is extremely suitable for those who do not have much skill or time to do everything on their own. I strongly suggest this tool for video marketers, bloggers, eCom marketers, local business runners and affiliate marketers. If you need high-quality videos on a tight budget, this may be one of your solutions.

Videze Review – Why Should You Buy It?

To make it easier for you to decide, this part of the Videze Review is about the recap of what Videze can offer, let’s check out!

No experience or skills needed

All templates are designed and ready to be used right away. All you have to do is to click to add elements and Videze will take care of the rest work.


To protect your brand and prevent people from stealing your stories, Videze allows you to watermark your videos.


You can easily adjust colours, text, and background images within a few clicks.

Template collections

There are a whole bunch of world-class templates in various niches for you to choose. It’s all there for you to look for.

Photo collection

There are hundreds of photos which you can download to add to videos.

Commercial license

I particularly love this feature as it allows me to build another source of income. By selling videos to clients, my financial status has been more stable than before.

Customer support

As I mentioned earlier, the team works all days all nights to give responses and help you out.


Videze provides many tracks and sound effects to every template to make it more engaging and mesmerizing.

Training videos

Despite the fact that Videze is suitable for all types of marketers, you would not be left in the dark as Mo Miah did add training videos to the package. You will watch over the shoulder how to do things smoothly just as you expect.

Mass rendering

To save time, you can render multiple videos at the same time without any extra cost.

In my opinion, Videze is a complete suite for marketers to create animated videos no matter how competent they are. The platform has all features that you can think of. It also combines many different Hollywood style animated videos.

Another important thing to mention in this Videze Review is its price. Currently, Videze is launched with a special deal: $47. The price will double after the week launch, unfortunately. Take your chance and grab it now:

To be honest, it would be nonsense to say Videze is expensive. If you look at other alternatives, either hire professionals for hundreds per video or buy expensive tools which may not guarantee any result, I think Videze already wins the competition.

Here are what you have to pay separately to get all features of Videze in other apps:

Video tools and editor = $297

Audio track = $297

100+ templates = $997

Hiring outsourcers = $200 – $500 per video

Videographers = $497

Video and audio equipment = $500

So, the total would be more than $3000. It costs you up to $3000 to have all the functionalities as well as capabilities which are similar to Videze. This is way too expensive, especially to those whose businesses are still small.

Personal experience

When it comes to attracting viewers, videos are the most important factors to pay attention to. Nothing can drive you traffic, leads and sales faster than videos. Videze is your chance to create something beautiful, mesmerizing, and stunning within a couple of minutes.

I have tried Videze for a while. Before trying, I had heard so many experts giving praises to this tool so I had quite a high expectation. It turned out to be more than what I could ask for. Creating stunning videos will not be a nightmare as it was before to me.

Videze will be the best investment you ever make. The vendor team tried to make it as cheap as possible with a 30 days money back guarantee. No question asked. This proves they have so much confidence in the quality of their products.

If you are trying to keep your cost as low as possible, then you should get Videze right now. As it is first launched this time, Videze is sold for a very affordable price. After this time the price may skyrocket and it may also come with a recurring fee.

Mo Miah and John Gibb have put a lot of effort into developing this suite. It’s packed with so many features that can hardly be found in one software. Those who just started their career should definitely get a product like this. Not only can it shorten your process to success, it can also teach you how to improve your business’s performance.


Price And How To Buy It?

Videze has 1 Front-End and 2 OTOs:

-Front-End (Videze – $37-$57) (See Details)

-OTO 1 (Videze Templates Club – $47/Month) (See Details)

-OTO 2 (Videze Academy – Videze training academy/webinar training – $97) (See Details)

Videze Review – Conclusion

Above are everything I know about Videze. It is always hard to decide whether to buy one product based on such limited information. However, these are all from my experience and perspective. I hope it could help you make the right choice.

Videze is not a product that should be missed. Consider carefully all the features it offers. If you need to create high-quality videos frequently, then why not trying it? Especially to those who plan to build their business, in the long run, Videze is such a good approach.

Thanks for following my Videze Review until this point. Feel free to share your experience! Goodbye!

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