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FlowTraffic Review

FlowTraffic Review – Introduction

Online marketing is getting harder and harder despite the growing numbers of Internet users. Some people simply cannot get enough traffic, leads, and sales no matter how much they try, how many promotional campaigns they run. How can you can more followers and buyers? Many marketers turn to paid traffic in frustration, but this is a very costly option.

If paid ads are not affordable, what can you do? The answer is to exploit social media which is an unlimited pool of traffic. However, you must find the correct types of contents which are favored by the majority of viewers and have to do it consistently.

This seems like a losing battle, but you can turn it around with FlowTraffic! This modern, brand-new app will give you unlimited amounts of trending contents and images to get more traffic and engage your visitors effectively.

FlowTraffic Review – Overview


Vendor: Neil Napier et al
Product: FlowTraffic
Launch Date: 2018-Mar-12
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $27
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page: https://flowtraffic.kyvio.com/
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: SEO & Traffic 

About the Author


Before going into details of the product, we can take a look at its creators. The main figure behind FlowTraffic is Neil Napier. He is a veteran marketer having multiple successful launches. Some of his notable work is InstaMailer, SyndRanker, SiteSync, FB Ad Maker, Instasuite 2, Webinar Hero, Ad Connect. With his well-built reputation, you can expect a high-quality product from his team.

FlowTraffic Review – What Is FlowTraffic?

FlowTraffic is a point-and-click, web-based application that realizes an innovative method to drive targeted, free traffic. The advanced curator will find viral contents on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Then, you use the designer to create memorable images or memes to draw attention from the viewers.

After that, you can post your images and contents on social media accounts to get views, followers, and sales. The best thing is that you can get tons of targeted traffic and increase your conversion rates for free.

FlowTraffic Review – What Are the Features of FlowTraffic?

Advanced Content Curator

Not all posts, articles, or blogs can generate profits. For satisfying results, you need viral contents that have gathered a lot of likes, shares, or views. FlowTraffic is the suitable tool for this task with its advanced content curator.

You do not have to find or create new contents. Instead, you just need to enter a keyword, and the application will give you most relevant, converting contents on multiple social networks.

Diverse Sources of Contents

FlowTraffic allows you to search and get contents from several networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook. Check out the list below, and you will see that you will never run out of contents.

Point-and-click Image Designer

Images and memes are the best tools to engage your customers. They are striking and memorable, so the viewers will more likely to click on, to like, or to share them. With FlowTraffic, you can exploit impactful images since there is a newbie-friendly image designer in the platform.

This feature allows you to edit your images with memes, emojis, texts with some mouse clicks. Therefore, you can impress your customers effortlessly.

Huge Library of Done-for-you Contents

FlowTraffic has a vast library of more than 30000 viral images, motivating quotes, or graphic elements for you to use handily. You just need to pick one from the library and customize them to suit your niches. No matter what you do, you can find relevant contents your campaigns.

One-click Posting

You are able to integrate the application with your social accounts so that you can make posts on every platform in one dashboard.

Run Unlimited Campaigns on Autopilot

If you prefer a specified posting schedule to capture as many customers as possible, you can set the application to do it for you instead of doing it manually. While you are sleeping, the software will make posts and generate traffic on complete autopilot. You can also create and run as many campaigns as you wish without problems.

Magnify Your Profits with Marketplace Integration and Replication

You can combine the application with popular platforms such as WordPress, Bloggers, or Shopify for more exposures and better engagement. You can also replicate your successful promotional campaigns to maximize your profits with ease.

How to Use It?

No training, experience, or skills required to use FlowTraffic.

  • Step 1: Curate trending, viral contents, posts, or articles on social media
  • Step 2: Use the designer and the content library to create catchy, noticeable images or memes
  • Step 3: Set the schedule and watch it pulls traffic, sales, and leads from social media on autopilot.

Watch the application in real action here:

What Are the Reasons to Choose FlowTraffic?

It Fits Any Niches

Social media networks are infinite sources of traffic and buyers, and you can get benefits from them no matter which jobs you are doing. With an effective, proven, and consistent way of driving traffic from social media, FlowTraffic offers a valuable opportunity to marketers.

Being an affiliate or a CPA marketer, you can get what you want with this platform. E-commerce business owners or product vendors will also be able to utilize the capabilities of this app for their businesses.

Free but Safe and Targeted Traffic

The traffic, followers, and buyers will come from social media networks. They are people who are interested in your contents, so they are more willing to give you leads or to buy your goods. No shady or illegal tactics are involved with this way of doing. On top of that, you can replicate successful campaigns and set the system to work automatically, generating maximum profits

FlowTraffic Review – Buying Options

Check out these powerful and flexible solutions for yourself:

FlowTraffic has 1 Front-End and 2 OTOs:

-Front-End (FlowTraffic – $27) 

FlowTraffic is a cloud-based, newbie-friendly software app that finds trending content online that you can easily transform into ultra targeted campaigns that are highly engaged for massive traffic with the click of your mouse.

-OTO 1 (FlowTraffic Pro – $47-$67) 

FlowTraffic Pro gives you everything you need to save more time, get more FREE traffic, and make more money. If you want to get the most out of FlowTraffic, the ‘Pro’ upgrade is for you.

-OTO 2 (FlowTraffic Agency – $97) 

With this license, you will be able to create access for your local or online clients within FlowTraffic. Essentially, you will be reselling 20 seats of “FlowTraffic Elite (with WP plugin)”

-OTO 3 (FlowTraffic Training – $47) 

In this never before seen training, we will show you how to build courses using curation. This is a cool technique we’ve used in past to create courses in less than 30 minutes, from free and commercially usable content available on YouTube!

Pros and Cons


  • Free traffic from social media
  • Safe, legal method
  • Work on complete autopilot
  • Simple-to-master image designer
  • Enormous library of DFY contents
  • Advanced trending content curator
  • Find and post on multiple networks


  • Some social networks are not included


Paid ads and obsolete marketing methods should be avoided if you do not want to waste time, money, and energy. Social media is what you should focus on with billions of active users and infinite numbers of viral contents. All you need to do is to create a correct way to run promotional campaigns on these platforms. In my opinion, few applications can do as well as FlowTraffic.

The software can curate viral contents for any niches or keywords. It also allows you to edit captivating images without skills or training. Furthermore, it significantly reduces your workload with the automatic posting feature.

Do not hesitate anymore; you can revolutionize your business with just $27. If you are not satisfied with it, you can always call for a full refund within 30 days. Thank you for reading my FlowTraffic Review!

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