Finally, hit the “Schedule Posts” button and your posts will be created and posted on your website depending upon the settings you defined.4/ Create a schedule jobCreating a schedule job is very similar to creating a bulk post job in Content Gorilla.The major difference between both is the Bulk post happens only once while a schedule job runs again and again depending upon how you set it up.On the left navigation bar, click on “Scheduler“:

Then click “Add New” to create a new schedule/auto-posting job:

Then you do the similar steps as when you created bulk post:

5/ Using Tray

The tray is a feature where you can merge posts to make it a single post.

On the dashboard search for the keyword, then just simply click on the Add to Tray button (as many videos you want):

Access the tray from the dashboard’s top right corner View Tray button, a popup screen will appear on the left side with the videos you added to tray:

Go to the bottom of the popup and click on Create Post button, it will redirect your merged content to the post editor, where you can make any changes if you want and then simply publish it like a normal post: