DROPSHIP ON DEMAND Review – A Proven Strategy to Sell Physical Products

DropShip On Demand Review

DropShip On Demand Review – Introduction

The value of e-commerce market has skyrocketed in the last few years. It is now worth several hundred billion dollars, and it is expected to rise in the future. Some of my acquaintances even spend more money shopping online than offline. With the current trend, many people think they will be able to grab a reasonable share of that money easily.

However, the real situation is much harsher. Big companies like Amazon and Alibaba gain the majority of the market. Small vendors are competing fiercely for the remaining shares. Only some marketers with solid business strategies or big budgets can stay on the top and earn healthy profits.  

If you are struggling with your business, why don’t you learn from those successful people? Among the available business methods on the Internet, I have found a solid, proven, and easy-to-learn course designed by Donald Wilson and Bank Komgwichianwat. It is Dropship On Demand. Who are the authors and what can you learn from them? Let find out more in my Dropship On Demand review!

First, Let Talk about the Gearbubble and the Authors of This Course

Before proceeding with the review, we should check some facts about Donald Wilson and Bank Komgwichianwat. The first one is an innovator in e-commerce. He established Gearbubble in 2015. This system allows its users to upload their designs and creates physical merchandises from them.

Then, the users can also sell their creations on the same site. This affordable and innovative marketplace has helped many people to sell physical products without much investment. Currently, Gearbubble has sold more than 2 million unique products such as printed mugs, necklaces, pendants, T-shirts, hoodies, or pillows, and it is a phenomenon among small merchants.

Bank Komgwichianwat is the most successful sellers on Gearbubble Pro Seller. He built a simple but effective strategy which helped him to get more than 2000 sales per products.  Two leaders, Donald and Bank, realized that this method is sustainable. Thus, they decided to share it with people through Dropship On Demand.

DROPSHIP ON DEMAND Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Donald Wilson and Bank Komgwichianwat
  • Sales Page: https://www.dropshipod.com/signup
  • Launch Date: 2018-Aug-11
  • Launch Time: 14:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $3000
  • Bonus: YES
  • Refund: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Recommend: Strongly Recommend.

DropShip On Demand Review – What Is DROPSHIP ON DEMAND Actually?

Dropship On Demand is a training course that teaches merchants how to get started with e-commerce. The learners will get a proven business strategy that Bank Komgwichianwat used to get several thousand sales for each product. They also get the blueprints of the author’s promotional campaigns so that they do not have to start from scratch. With the combination of drop-shipping and print-on-demand, you can save costs and eliminate potential competition.

DropShip On Demand Review – What Will You Get from This Training Course?

I used this product as beta tester so you can trust anything I review today.

Today I’m going to take a tour to help you understand everything about it.

Here is first dashboard of Dropship On Demand:

There is an overview video here. It introduces an overview about this course.

And here is 5 main modules of DropShip On Demand:

It includes:

-7 Step DOD System: The 7 steps to creating 5,6 and 7 figure e-com campaigns.

-eCom Foundational 4: The 4 cornerstones to creating a sustainable e-com business

-6-Figure Journal: Over the shoulder daily journaling of 4,5, and 6 figure campaigns.

-Facebook Ads Setup: A begginers course teaching you how to setup your Facebook ads account.

-Resources Section: Dropship on demand resources section.

Dropship On Demand is the work from the collaboration between the founder of Gearbubble and the prominent seller of this platform. This is the reason why it is packed with powerful features that can change a career overnight:  

1. Comprehensible Guide of the 7-Step Dropship on Demand System

Here is screenshot from this module #1:

Bank used this method in to earn more than 2000 sales for his first product. After that, he tried it again and realized that it produced the same results. Therefore, he polished the system and divided into 7 steps that everyone can repeat with ease. The whole process is broken down into separated videos so that the users can absorb them more comfortably. After going through all the videos, you will be able to:

  • Step 1 – Choose the most converting products:  –Before selling a product, you need to select ones that are in demand. If you choose correctly, you will be able to save a lot of unnecessary expenses and find out buyers right away. The authors give you the places where he usually searches for those viral products and how to pick the ones that can generate profits in the long terms.
  • Step 2 – Prepare Your Landing Pages and Products:Next, Bank explains how to make converting landing pages that can attract customers. They are also simple and do not require many technical skills to build.
  • Step 3 – Check the Return Ratio: Bank thinks that a good product requires a small investment in ads and production while generating high profits. After all, if you can do that, your profits margin will be trivial. This section allows you to determine the winner merchandise that you should invest more since they are profitable.
  • Step 4 – Run Your Marketing Campaign: Now, it is the time to bring your chosen products to your customers. This video teaches you how to run a cost-effective promotional campaign. It helps you to find people who are interested in your products and how to make appealing ads. Normally, you have to experience a lot of trials and errors before finding out what works and what does not. However, you can get the correct way on the first try with this tutorial.
  • Step 5 – Get the Supply and Delivering Service for Your Product: When the customers respond to your ads, you need to make the products and deliver them. Bank gives you the information about the supply chains and delivering systems that he used. They are not only reliable but also cheap. Your quality goods will always be transported on time.
  • Step 6 – Improve Your Ads and Products:This tutorial shows how Bank exploited Facebook ads to make even more money on a small number of expenses.
  • Step 7 – Execute the Large Scaling Method: Bank has been able to produce outstanding results with numerous campaigns, to the point he is a 7-figure earner currently. In this section, you will learn how he scaled up his previous process to become a top marketer.

The videos are a little bit long, but you should pay close attention to them. I recommend you to take a short break between videos so that you can be sharper and can learn better.

2. E-Com Foundational 4 Training

Here is screenshot from this module #2:

The strategy in this course is not for short-term earnings. It is a sustainable system that brings success after success to Bank. For that reason, there are four milestones that you need to achieve. They will turn you into a 7-figure e-commerce vendor like what they did to Bank.

This module includes 4 parts as below:

-Foundation 1: Production Flows

-Foundation 2: Store Setup

-Foundation 3: Team Building

-Foundation 4: Backend Marketing

3.Over-The-Shoulder Daily Journaling Of 5- & 6-Figure Campaigns

Here is screenshot from module #3:

It is now the turn of Donald, the founder of an innovative and profitable marketplace. This is a collection of Donald’s private daily journal that records every step he made to replicate Bank’s system. He was able to get winner products that get multiple thousand sales per week. The campaigns are fully documented and can be verifying easily. You can get the proven results and apply them to your businesses.

4. Facebook Ads Set-Up Course

Here is screenshot from this module:

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. No matter what you sell, you can find buyers on this platform. That’s why Dropship On Demand includes a complete guide on how to create a solid foundation for your Facebook ads campaigns. Furthermore, you do not need any experience to work with this process.

5. DOD Resources

Here is screenshot from this module:

Dropship On Demand contains 7 steps, and it also has 7 packages. In this final feature, you will get access to the blueprints of the authors’ successful product launches, including their Sample Email Marketing Sequences, Outsourcing Techniques, Necklace Video Templates, cheat sheets, and other documents.

6. 1-Year License of Gearbubble Pro Unlimited

As I have mentioned above, Gearbubble is a platform that handles product manufacturing, delivering, and e-commerce marketing at a low cost. It has helped many vendors to master drop-shipping and print-on-demand and establish a brand for themselves. In this bundle, you get one-year membership of this marketplace so that you can start making money right away like what Bank does.

7. 3000 Unit Challenge

The authors of Dropship On Demand give you an interesting challenge to uplift your motivation. If you can sell 3000 units of Gearbubble products, $3000 worth of Gearbubble credits will be automatically transferred to your account. There is no time limit for this test, and you can get the value of your purchase back while working on your career.

DropShip On Demand Review – Why Should You Get It?

You Can Master Drop-shipping and Print-on-demand Effortlessly

In this difficult business environment, drop-shipping and print-on-demand can be your answer to your problems. You prepare unique your products and deliver them only when you get sales. Therefore, you can eliminate your competitors, make a name for yourself, and save operative expenses.

However, this method includes lots of tasks. You must select a profitable product, set up the supply chain, get a reliable service, create ads, and market your products in different places. It takes time, effort, and money to do everything correctly, not to mention you may fail quite a few times.

Dropship On Demand is there to prevent beginners’ mistakes. It is a business model that has been tested numerous times, and the authors are leading vendors who earn million dollars yearly. You can learn from them and start making money now.

Everything Is Done for You

Dropship On Demand is not only a training course. It is a complete solution for people who want to sell physical products online. Inside the package, you can get the FB ads, journals, templates, or videos that the authors used in their campaigns. You should design your work based on these materials for safety and efficiency. You will also get 1-year membership of Gearbubble, a highly-rated e-commerce market for vendors with low budgets.

DropShip On Demand Review – Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensible training course with 7 detailed steps
  • Sell physical products with a proven business model
  • DFY documents and blueprints
  • Master drop-shipping and print-on-demand to avoid competition
  • Set up FB ads campaigns correctly
  • 1-year membership of Gearbubble
  • Proven results from top marketers


  • It’s expensive ($3000)

DropShip On Demand Review – Conclusion

Dropship On Demand has allowed me to participate in e-commerce, a profitable and promising field. It is a complete tutorial to avoid being the loser in this harsh business environment. If you follow the contents of the course and replicate them correctly, you will be a high earner that people envy.

The results, materials, and business models of Dropship On Demand are verified multiple times in real life campaigns. It has turned a no-name marketer into a 7-figure businessman in a short time. When an innovator like Donald has taken a look at it and used it, there is no reason for you to doubt it.

It is the time to stop wandering around and get a method that works. I believe Dropship On Demand can be the answer you are looking. If you are still hesitating, you can check the business results presented below.

Moreover, you can always get a refund within 30 days. Let try it and fell the differences. Hope you enjoy my DROPSHIP ON DEMAND Review. If you like it, share it for more people to help them. Thank you for reading!

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