Linkedtify Review 2020 – The Biggest Launch About LinkedIn platform

Linkedtify Review

Linkedtify Review

Linkedtify Review – Introduction,

Linkedln isn’t a strange but an ignored place. There are many reasons making Linkedln a cold meadow for marketers but not many people think about changing it. Actually, Linkedln has a relative small user pool compared with Facebook or Twitter. However its users are quite high-quality and much less saturated.

  • 93% of B2B marketers consider Linkedln to be the most effective site for lead generation
  • 80% of Linkedln members want to connect with companies to enhance their decision making
  • 64% of total visits from social media to corporate website come from Linkedln

That’s where I started my Linkedtify Review. Among the millions of social media apps, this new tool opens the opportunities to target a unique customer folder. In spite of a smaller amount, your conversion rate will be higher and better.

With the different strategies, Linkedtify is a great tool to optimize your social media profile if you choose the right niche.

Quick Overview Of Linkedtify

Vendor: Jonathan Oshevire
Product: Linkedtify
Launch Date: 2020-Jan-07
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $37
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Software 

Linkedtify Review – What is Linkedtify?

Linkedtify is a suite software which is developed to optimize for Linkedln performance. This tool is used to create and improve the Linkedln profile, groups, connection, and so on. Next step is it will help you increase the engagement with its custom made tools.

Linkedtify is one of the few software focusing on this niche, therefore its operation is well-developed and exactly-targeted. This is a platform known for recruitment but in fact, it’s a potential place for B2B or freelancer pools. 

If you are working in B2B company, it’s your right choice to click in this Linkedtify Review. This is a place you can leverage your targeted leads and convert them into the loyal buyers.

I used this product as beta tester so you can trust my review.

Here are some core features I see from Linkedtify:


About the Creator

Jonathan Oshevire is the developer of Linkedtify. He is given the credit with several products which have been successful during launches and re-launches such as ListEditor, Offline Niche Onslaught and Sales Video Assets.

One of the most beneficial things you will get from him with the Linkedtify is you will get trained from head to tail about Linkedln. There’re many training courses about FB, Twitter, and Instagram but Linkedln is still an unspoiled land. With his instruction on lead generation, traffic and engagement, you can soon master this niche.

Later in this Linkedtify Review, I will reveal a little bit about the training you get.

Linkedtify Review – Key Features of Linkedtify

  • Make your Linkedln profile professional

Unlike FB, where you just upload an image into cover, Linkedln requires a professional one if you want leads come to your profile more. Linkedln is for work, not entertainment, so everything on it embodies the professionalism.

Linkedtify helps you create the well-designed banners to create the high-end look for your profile. The software provides you with the DFY themes ready to use or you can use them as the suggestion to customize your own ones.

  • Generate headlines for lead capture

One way to optimize your newsfeed is to create the high-quality and impressive content. Linkedtify can generate the catching headlines to draw the attention and encourage audience to share your contents. It will improve the engagement with your profile by increasing the comments and likes, as well.

  • All kinds of content supported to optimize newsfeed

Continuing with the above feature, Linkedtify support all types of content to better your content presentation. The content can be text post, video, image, quote, etc.

  • Optimize for all-type profile

Linkedtify isn’t tool for personal profile only. As I said, Linkedln is a promising land for B2B companies so Linkedtify is also a tool to maximize the company profiles, the Linkedln pages, Linkedln groups.

  • Built-in tool for increasing interaction

This will be the most liked features of this software. It seems like you get a whole system inside rather than one single app. Linkedtify offers its own built-in optimized app for users to increase the interaction in the whole network:

  • Who Viewed Me App
  • Follow Up App
  • Connect App
  • Available inside training about Linkedln marketing and Linkedtify

You will get the training inside the system. The demo video shows you exactly how to use this software and leverage it for your own profile. Moreover, you have a training series in video about the Linkedln as well. There are about 10 or more videos explaining in details how you can attract leads, drive traffic, increase the purchase incentives and so on.

How To Use Linkedtify

I will skip this part in my Linkedtify Review because you will get the complete training inside the software. But you can always ask for my help if needed.

Whatever, Linkedtify is a friendly software so I think it won’t create much trouble for anyone.

Linkedtify Review – Who Should Use Linkedtify

As I mentioned in this Linkedtify Review, Linkedln won’t be the market for normal products like FMCG, F&B, etc. Instead, this platform is full of recruiters and job-seekers. Therefore, the sales opportunities will open for freelancers and B2B companies.

One freelancer buying an entire software won’t be a smart idea, so Linkedtify is also a good choice for a freelance team or consultancy agency/freelancer.

In summary, my recommendations will be for

  • Marketers in B2B companies
  • Freelancers
  • Consultants
  • B2C companies in services like law, security or headhunt.

Pros and Cons


  • Detailed training about the software
  • Easy to use, no tech skill required
  • Focused niches
  • For personal profiles, pages, and groups
  • All content types supported


Not any

Linkedtify Review – Price and Evaluation

The front-end price for Linkedtify is $27. With this price, you get all the listed features, both the software and the advanced training included.  I don’t think it’s a high price. If you’re in the niches of Linkedln, consider to take it early to get the lower price and start your marketing earlier.

Furthermore, you can consider the upgrades as below:

OTO 1: $47 for Linkedtify Pro

More options with built-in apps are available and you also access more features to optimize the profiles.

OTO 2: $37: Agency license

OTO 3: $97-$197: Seeker Academy

Please take a look my screenshot below for more details:


My Final Take,

Ultimately, I still keep my opinion still that it will be a great gear in your tool box if you are working with the right niche. Linkedln is a smaller and more selective platform than Facebook and Twitter so you need more experience with it. Linkedtify can help you with this quest.

Lastly, I hope my Linkedtify Review can help you make the right decision. Peace!

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