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Live Engager Review

Live Engager Review – Introduction

When it comes to effective marketing, there is no place better than Facebook fan pages! Almost everybody in the world has a Facebook account, so this is where you can draw millions of people to your business at once. Still, there is one problem! In order to run a professional Facebook fan page, you have to master multiple skills from several complicated aspects, such as video building and content developing. In short, this is not something an amateur can take on.

However, this is about to change! From now on, with the help of the latest software, Live Engager, even someone new to the Internet can easily manage a highly-converting Facebook fan page. Are you curious about this special product? Then please check out the rest of my Live Engager Review to have a closer look at it!

Live Engager Review – Overview

Vendor: Chris Jenkins et al
Product: Live Engager
Launch Date: 2018-Sep-03
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $27
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: General 

Live Engager Review – What Is Live Engager?

Live Engager simply helps you create video poll on autopilot. This is applied for Facebook marketing. They includes some live poll templates and you simply need to choose and launch it into your Facebook page and it runs on autopilot for you.

Live Engager Review – About Author

Chris Jenkins is a renowned vendor on Jvzoo. With an in-depth knowledge of marketing, he has launched over 20 hit products such as DigiAgency, ViTraffic, Snapify and SociHub. Also, as a reward for his great dedication to this field, Chris has won the top position of many leaderboards.

Judging by his prior successes, I have a feeling that Live Engager is going to rule the market in a near future!

Live Engager Review – Features and Benefits

Incredible video builder

Live Engager is going to offer you a range of outstanding video templates along with a click-and-drag editor tool. Once finishing the clip, you can add some background music tracks into it to make it better (the software also gives you 20 recorded tracks so do not worry)! Needless to say, this feature will be your key to create multiple amazing live poll videos and quickly increase your Facebook engagement

Voting templates

Using voting polls is one of the best attention-grabbing methods on Facebook, and Live Engager is here to help you master it! This tool will give you dozens of stunning premade templates serving different voting types, including reaction polls, bar polls, and hashtag-included poll. Isn’t this great?

Countdown templates

Live Engager will also provide you with six highly-converting countdown templates! Feel free to use them in a product-launching campaign, a live event, or whatever you like.

Live guessing game

In order to make your fan page a happy place as well as boosting your traffic, Live Engager even helps you set up some brilliant guessing games! People love playing games, especially the ones that test their mind, so this feature is going to bring you a fortune.

My Experience In Using It And How Does It Work?

I used this tool as beta tester so you can trust anything I review today.

Now I’m going to take a tour to help you understand everything about it.

Here is main dashboard of Live Engager:

On main dashboard, it shows:

-Engagement figure through total posts, total video views, total reactions, and total shares.

-Country visit and recent comments: You can know exactly where your visitors are from.

-Engagement history: you can know exactly the number of reactions you get.

You have to connect your Facebook account to Live Engager as below:

There are 4 types of live polls inside Live Engager:

-Voting with reactions:

-Voting with hasgtag:

-Voting with bars:


Now I’m going to review each type of live poll:

1/ Voting with reactions:

You have some templates like below:

I’m going to choose one random poll and it is like below:

You only need to insert some basic info like poll heading, select reaction and upload your own image into it.


2/ Voting with hasgtag:

You have some templates as below:

And you only need to insert your hashtag and upload your image as below:


3/ Voting with bars:

You have some templates like below:

And you need to put your heading poll, title for each bar and image. See my screenshot below:


4/ Countdown:

Here are some templates for you as below:


NOTE1: If you don’t want to live your poll now, you can set schedule for it like below:

NOTE2: Some my examples today have no background music but you can add it to your video poll.

NOTE3: There is another interesting feature on OTO1 I think you consider to upgrade. It is “Auto Reply”. It means:

[+]You can set public auto-reply for some comments like “great”, “nice”, “good”

[+]You can set private auto-reply for some comments like “I want it now”, “How to buy it now”, “I want”, etc.

If you want to know how to generate massive leads using Live Engager, please click here to watch the walkthrough. It will show you everything you need.

My opinion:

This is a good tool I totally recommend to you. It’s super newbie friendly but really effective for Facebook marketing. This tool helps you to increase the engagement among your audience.

Beside, there is a training video for you inside Live Engager. If you have time, you can watch if before using it. If not, it doesn’t matter because using this tool is easy.

Live Engager Review – Who Should Buy It?

Live Engager is a professional Facebook-engagement booster that was made to serve the need of newbies. It comes with amazing premade content (limited, but I think they are more than enough for a newbie) as well as a lot of exclusive built-in features. On top of that, it does not come with any complicated setup.

Therefore, I believe that anyone who has just started their online business should have it at home. You can be a marketer, a freelancer, or an offline shop owner, it does not matter! If you want a simple way to generate massive profits from Facebook, this is what you need.

Live Engager Review – Pros and Cons


  • Web-based
  • Easy to use
  • Require no prior experience
  • Professional interface
  • No third-party tool involved
  • Versatility
  • Premade content
  • Perfect for SEO and list building
  • Compatible with many niches


Not any

Live Engager Review – Price and Evaluation

I have some amazing news to inform you. Guess what? In exchange for a basic version of Live Engager, you will only have to pay $27! Yeah, you heard it right, only $27! Can you believe it? We are talking about a software that enables you to make a fortune on Facebook using all kinds of premade content as well as several built-in tools, and yet, it is priced at such a low price. Trust me, you cannot find any better deal out there!

However, this exclusive offer will not last long. Therefore, if you want to enjoy it, please promote Live Engager straight off!

In case you are wondering, the prices of the OTOs vary between $37 and $147. You will get the reseller right when buying the latter.

Here are some infor about OTO:

-Front-End (Live Engager – $27-$37) (See Details)

1/Real time reaction counts in your videos to boost engagement

2/News Ticker: Display your offers like news tickers on live video. (CUSTOMIZABLE)

3/Live guessing game, Set game rules and display winners name at the end of the video

4/Set time, how long the live poll will run.

5/25+ premium background for live poll.

6/History of Game winners.

7/Detailed statistics of published videos

8/Background Music: User can add background music along with their poll video. We will provide 20 royalty free background music.

9/FB Live Scheduler: Create and post a live schedule announcement of live with user’s or page’s  profile picture, before a specific hours (set by user) ago of live video, telling audience about the upcoming live video.

10/Voting with Reaction (Total 6 Templates): With this feature you can make your fans choose between 1 to 6 different choices.

11/Voting with Bars (Total 6 Templates): Create Facebook LIVE Voting with Bars. Users will love this funny way to show a voting contest with reactions!

12/Voting with Hashtag (Total 6 Templates): You can create voting contest where users can vote by writing #hastag in the comments of your Facebook LIVE.

13/Countdown (Total 6 Templates): Create Facebook LIVE with Countdown as you wish, both future or past events, all in just few steps.

-OTO 1 (Live Engager Pro – $47) (See Details)

1/Auto comment reply: Live Engager Pro comes with comprehensive auto functionality. Send Auto Set Message on Every Comment based on keywords. To be in detail, users can send the auto reply, and post the auto comment on anywhere they like on Facebook. This platform actually makes the best use of hashtags and keywords to optimize the task of customer management on Facebook.

2/Automatic Inbox Message sent:  Automatic Inbox Message sent When someone Comments with a specific keyword(s) set by user. With this auto features, Live Engager Pro allows you to even message directly to user’s inbox.

3/Auto Like: Auto like on every new comments.

4/Social Syndication: Publish live video on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, pinterest, tumbler, stumbleupon.

5/Reveal Voting: We will hide a content (video/image) and reveal it, little by little, based on reactions received.

6/Word Search Puzzle: A real interactive LIVE Game where your fans have to find Words inside a puzzle of Letters.

-OTO 2 (VidInflux – $67-$97) (See Details)

“Tap Into BILLIONS OF Video Visitors Using Special Social Videos That VidInflux Creates In 1 MINUTE!”

-Drop dead attention getting & effective Social Videos In seconds

-ZERO Graphical Or Technical Skills Required

-FREE Viral & Organic Facebook Traffic

-100% Newbie-Friendly, Drag, Drop & Publish

-Set CAMPAIGNS on Autopilot

-Cloud Based, No Installation needed, 24/7 Uptime*

-OTO 3 (Live Engager Reseller – $97-$147) (See Details)

-OTO 4 (VidInflux Reseller – $97-$147) (See Details)

Live Engager Review – Conclusion

Facebook is like a fortune of leads, and Live Engager is basically your key to open it! Once promoting the tool, you can complete a range of essential tasks, such as build an incredible fan page, set everything on autopilot, create a video, and so on. On top of that, if you choose an advanced package, you can even receive a resell license. Isn’t this great?

Have I managed to convince you that Live Engager is going to be your powerful assistant? Then what are you waiting for? It is about time you go to its sales page and take one home!

Lastly, thank you for sticking with my Live Engager Review until the bottom line. I hoped you found it useful!

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