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Local Fee Finder Review

Local Fee Finder Review – Introduction

Good morning, guys! I am holding a Super Hot tool in my hand which can see right through your prospects to know what they would like. If you are making money with providing the online services like Website Design, Email Marketing, Printing, Social Media, and SEO, this software is too perfect for you.

Yesterday One my friend shared with me I can really relate to. He said right before he told a prospect his fee, and he always wondered whether:

  1. Was his fee too high or low?
  2. Would they laugh at how much he was asking?
  3. Was he even in the right ballpark with this fee?

Hundreds of worries made him dread quoting his fees.

And luckily, he chatted with me on yesterday afternoon. When hearing about his difficulties, I gave him advice about using this tool – Local Fee Finder.

Then, he thanked me a lot because every worry turned out to be unfounded. He was very confident in showing the fees to his prospects.

If you are curious about this great tool, take minutes to read my Local Fee Finder review.

But before learning everything about it, take a look at the quick summary of this product:

Vendor: Offline Sharks
Product: Local Fee Finder
Launch Date: 2018-Aug-31
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $17
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page: https://localfeefinder.com/
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Software 

Local Fee Finder Review – What is Local Fee Finder?

Local Fee Finder is an extremely powerful WordPress plugin which allows you to see what your prospects are thinking before you talk to them. By filling the form, you will get all the prospects’ expectations, and from then, you can fix your fee to get the order easily.

This software is super easy to use, even if you are a beginner because there is no required coding knowledge.

And the next part of this Local Fee Finder review is about 3 following important things:

Local Fee Finder Review – What is Included Inside This?

An Ultimate WordPress Plugin

DFY intake forms included are Website Design, Direct Mail, Printing Services, Social Media, and SEO.

Also, the plugin gives you the ability to create custom forms (similar to Gravity Forms WP plugin) but without the high fees.

Step-by-step Pricing Magic Training with 4 Modules

Included with Local Fee Finder software is special training called Pricing Magic.

This training could be a separate product of its own.

Inside the author reveals what he has discovered about getting the highest fees possible for your services. Here’s some of what he covers…

  1. Pricing Psychology
  2. Pricing Presentation
  3. What to Do When Prospect’s Budget Is Too Low
  4. Pricing Templates & Worksheets Included

Module 1: Pricing Psychology

Lesson 1: What is Your Time Worth?

Lesson 2: Discover The Best Price for Your Service

Lesson 3: What are the Prospects Time Worth?

Lesson 4: How to analyze your competitors

Lesson 5: When Do You Need to Increase Your Price?

Lesson 6: Reasons You Should Get The Discount

Module 2: Pricing Presentation

  • Attitude: I want Your Biz, but I Don’t Need it
  • Best Way to Show Your Price
  • How to Pre-Condition Price
  • How to Build in ‘Wiggle Room’
  • Things You Need to Present The Price
  • Doing ROI Calculator w/prospect
  • How to Deal with Price Shoppers
  • Key Agreement Phrases with Many Examples

Module 3 – When Prospect’s Budget Is Too Low

  • Suggest The Special Payment Solutions
  • Reduce Volume of Work
  • How to Present Your Price
  • Give the choices to accept lower-priced projects which you still get the profits
  • How to deal with the defending cases
  • Give the prospects for the future

Module 4: Templates & Worksheets Included

  • ROI Prospecting Worksheet
  • Setting Your Price Worksheet
  • Analyzing Your Competitors Checklist

How Does It Work?

To know how to use Local Fee Finder, watch the demo in the link below for further understanding!

Local Fee Finder Review – Why Should You Buy It?

I will give 7 reasons you should buy this product (software + training), and I make sure that after reading the 7th reason, you will click on the “Buy Now” button immediately.

This plugin allows you to get every information about your prospects.

You will be more proactive in giving your fee which your prospects are willing to pay for.

The success rate of the deals is higher when the two agree on a fee.

Your service is easy to get more new customers

Local Fee Finder automates to save all of your prospects so you can manage the number of customers easily.

This saves much of your time because this can automatically create the PERFECT forms.

Test different forms and questions to gauge effectiveness.

If you want to make the most money possible as a local consultant, use this amazing product today!

Pros and Cons


  • Great function
  • Save time
  • Step-by-step training
  • Easy to use
  • Amazing results
  • Newbie-friendly
  • Low price


There is not any bad point when experiencing this

Local Fee Finder Review – Evaluation and Price

You know, pre-qualifying prospects allow you not only to stop wasting time with clients who can’t pay, secure more clients at better fees but also increase your bottom line.

However, the problem is pre-qualifying can be tricky. Prospects don’t want to give this information up.

Therefore, you need to use the replacement tool which your prospects are willing to provide you their aspirations and Local Fee Finder is a great solution you should try.

Besides, the price of this product is too reasonable to buy – only $17 so you don’t worry anything about this investment. The risk is zero. And you can refund it if you don’t find the good results when using in the first 30 days.

Final Thoughts

Hope my share can help you improve the quality of your service and receive the customer satisfaction.

Thank you for reading my Local Fee Finder review and if any question is asked, leave me any comments in the section below!

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