Profit Injector Review – Course For YouTube Video Domination

Profit Injector Review

Profit Injector Review

Profit Injector Review – Introduction,

Every marketer understands the power of video in driving traffic. Therefore, this kind of content is specially used in social media to attract a wide range of traffic from all walks of life. But do you realize videos can be used for affiliate marketing?

That’s the reason for me to make this Profit Injector Review. All the things that matter to an affiliate is the traffic and we work like crazy with SEO, backlink, authority sites, etc but forget the absolute traffic magnet.

Let’s dive in!

Profit Injector Review – Overview of ProfitInjector

Vendor: Jamie Lewis
Product: ProfitInjector
Launch Date: 2019-Jan-07
Launch Time: 10:00 EST
Front-End Price: $37
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: General 

Profit Injector Review – What is Profit Injector about?

ProfitInjector is a package of training course and software suite about video marketing. In this course, you will learn everything about the video methods by Jamie. He shares with you the hacks he used to build and develop his YouTube channels and in other similar platforms with videos.

Within the member area, Jamie will show you the tools and methods to create a long-term base for YouTube channels. Therefore, this may not be a drop shipping course for set-and-forget systems.

Next part in this ProfitInjector Review, let’s talk more about our trainer.

Profit Injector Review – Trainer in Profit Injector


Along with Jamie Lewis in this course, we will have Tom Luna and Matthew Tang. They are a team with 4 consecutive 6-figure launches in affiliate marketing. I first knew Jamie with the IMWithJamie nearly 10 years ago. He’s great trainer who are ready help his students and willing to browse in some forums for feedback and comments to improve.

Therefore, I’m glad he comes back this time with a new course about new topic for affiliate marketing. No comments about his music, politic side, I believe Jamie is a reliable person for any beginners.

Follow me on the next section of ProfitInjector Review to see the benefits you will get.

Profit Injector Review – Features and Benefits from Profit Injector

  • Training and tools about video domination

Within ProfitInjector, the content you get is not only the video for training but the tools and gadgets to apply as well. Users can learn from the real practical hacks of Jamie’s videos and use the software suite for the practice part.

  • All hacks about video platforms

What you will learn in this product is the video on almost all popular platforms with emphasis on YouTube and Facebook. The knowledge includes the main following parts:

  • Build your channel from zero
  • Develop subscriber base
  • Create content on your channel
  • Find and connect with the profitable channel owner to cooperate
  • Hacks to grow your channel and catch the viral trend
  • Long-term development and no saturation

Jamie’s course will focus on building a channel which you can still use for years, like the method he’s using with his channels. It may get slow and difficult at first but don’t give up early. With a careful-built base, you can leverage the channel even after 2-3 years when you switch the niches.

  • High-converting and proven methods

As said, the methods in Profit Injector are Jamie’s. These are the ones helping his launches generate millions. By any chance your system goes wrong, you can contact him for help.

Who Should Use Profit Injector?

I believe video marketing is not a strange concept but teaching it in YouTube for affiliates is not a common topic. With the dedicated effort from Jamie, this course can be a good fit for all level marketers. So, in this Profit Injector Review, I would recommend it to:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • eCommerce
  • MMO

Pros and Cons


  • Detailed and friendly to newbie
  • Instant access to the member area
  • Work on almost all video platforms
  • Include real hacks and tips
  • Include the software and tools


Not any significant

Price and Evaluation

The current price for this product is now $37. If you owns a small business and you’re afraid this price is high, you can rest assure with the refund policy, which is dependable and worth trusting. To me, this price is acceptable for a training course feat a ready-to-rock tool.

Normally, creating a video is much more expensive than an image or writing post, if you use it wrongly, you lose a larger amount. In that case, Profit Injector helps you save much more effort and money than you think.

Beside, Profit Injector has 1 Front-End and 3 Upsells as below:


Profit Injector Review – My Final Thought

In the end of this Profit Injector Review, I want to summarize what this course is and my evaluation. Considering the price, I think $37 is worth a training course and its accompanied tools. I like the way Jamie inspires you with his spirit and the real stuff you need rather than barely theories.

If rating, my score for this course will be 8/10 because I think it’s still lacking a systematic structure and the connection between parts.

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