Progressive Apps Builder Review – The Honest Review From Real User

Progressive Apps Builder Review

Progressive Apps Builder Review – Introduction

Create app is necessary for all markers whatever niche they are in. However, that work requires much skill and time. If we do it ourselves, we can get difficulties. Moreover, if we hire agencies to do that, we need the huge budget, the even monthly fee to remain the app.

However, that way is quite impossible for a long time.

What do you think if there is a digital tool can do all the hard work for you? Of course, I have experienced it and see the best results. So, I want to introduce it and share my experience. Hopefully, you will find useful things from my Progressive Apps Builder Review and have a solution.

Progressive Apps Builder Review – Overview

Vendor: Saaransh
Product: Progressive Apps Builder
Launch Date: 2018-Oct-05
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47-$97
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Social Media 

Progressive Apps Builder Review – What is it?

Progressive Apps Builder is the brand new software that designed to help you to create apps in any niche of marketing. In a few minutes, you can build marketing apps, Lead-gen apps, Learning apps, eCom apps, Video sharing, and local business. Without any technical skills required, you can become the professional in that web app creation and you can charge a fee as your service.

Progressive Apps Builder Review – The Author – Saaransh C

Saaransh C is a young talented digital marketer. Although he has started his job in software development, the product launch promises to bring a boom in the market. He understands the way to build an app and he is very successful. So, I think we should try this system to get a new game changer in the marketing career.   

Unique Features of Progressive Apps Builder

Progressive Apps Builder brings us many benefits with advanced features. Let’s see why it is so amazing:

  • You can open the website and app in any device you want in a few seconds
  • This technology is independent of the OS version, so Microsoft and Google really prefer
  • Sending instant notifications to all apps users
  • Your website is PWA, so you can compete in search engine results
  • Preventing man-in-the-middle-attacks
  • PWAs load directly onto a smartphone without an app store
  • Communicate to the right people with the right message at the right time
  • Push Notifications are for Android Devices, IOS support

Progressive Apps Builder Review – My Experience In Using It

Actually, I got review access from PAB vendor last week, and now I’m going to take a tour to help you understand everything about it.

So you can trust anything I review today.

Here is main dashboard of PAB:

Progressive Apps Builder Review

Note1: I’m going to explain again about PAB. It is the cloud-based software that allows you to create an app for your website.

When your clients visit your website, they can add your app to their phone screen by one click. Then they can receive notifications from you through this app without visiting your website again.

The special thing is creating the app is so easy and it doesn’t require approval from App Store.

Okay, there are two ways to create your website app: using PAB plugin or using your hosting.

There are 2 training videos for you about two this ways. However, in my opinon, using PAB plugin quite takes time and you have to customize many elements.

So I recommend you to use your hosting, and today I’m going to instruct you to use this way.

Firstly, you go to “Create New App” and put your website URL into it. For example, I use my demo website:


Note2: Your website must be HTTPS, this tool cannot create the app for HTTP.

Then you need to customize some your website details like this:


And now you download your website app files to your computer like below:


Now here are some your app files you receive after your download:


You have to upload these files into your hosting, and this task is so easy. I’m going to show you now.

-Step 1: You go to your root domain and create a folder “Progressive Apps Builder” as my screenshot below:


-Step 2: Now you upload these files above into this place.


-Step 3: Now let’s come back your folder inside your computer and you open a file called “intructions” among these files as below:


Now you copy this code inside this file.

-Step 4: Now you can come back your home of your root domain and find a file xxxx.HTML (xxxx is your file name, maybe “index.html”, “readme.html”). And you click to edit this file as below:


Now you insert this code below into the first row of this file (after “head row”) as below:


And Done

Now your website app is ready to go.

Now take a look to my Iphone screenshot, I open my Safari web browser and go to my website


There is button like this, and it is called “Add To Screen Home”button. It’s only appear when you complete some steps as I guide before.

I’m using IPhone. If you use Android, it’s similar to the IOS.

And when you click to this button, your website app will be added to your phone screen as below.



And now you can click this app and you can read this website through this app without visiting your website. Here is an screenshot from my Iphone when I click to my website app:


It is like when I visit my website, and I confirm this app runs so moothly.

And from now you can use PAB cloud-based software to create notifications for your app users.

Take a look to my screenshot below:


And when your website has a new post, you can send notifications to your app users by setting it on PAB cloud-based software like below:


Note3: This notification is only available for Android now meanwhile IOS will update it in upcoming time.

In fact, the working process does not take you much time to work. You just need to follow three simple steps without any complicated technical skills required

  • Step 1: Enter the URL of your website, Shopify store or blog
  • Step 2: Upload the generated files on the website
  • Step 3: Converting into the progressive mobile app



I really like this tool because this is great marketing method. Your visitors will get a new notification without visiting your website any more.

And more importantly, for speed load surfing your website app is not different to surfing on real website.

Generally, marketing by push notification is not strange to me. But using app push notification is really new great method. And I totally recommend it.

Who Should Use It?

  • Small Business

That system will simply convert a website into App and they can directly install them in 2 clicks without mobile storage

  • Offline Business

Offline businesses need a mobile app for customers to book an appointment or reserve a Seat. Instead of submitting in an App Store with the fee of $100 every year, they now can save it and quickly get mobile app thanks to this Progressive web app builder

  • Events

You can create a website for your event, and convert it mobile App. Your participants can quickly install this App to update and information usually

  • Consultants/Agencies

With anyone who needs Mobile App, you can easily sell them a Progressive Web App to convert their website. The type of payment is your decision, you can charge them monthly or annually as you like

  • Shopify Stores

Forget paying thousands of dollars for Facebook Ads because now you can prompt visitors from the paid ads to install your app. Then you can engage and sell them more using Push Notifications.

  • Bloggers

Even when you submit it to Apple’s App Store, you will be rejected. So, Progressive Web Apps can solve that problem and you get App Installs from your Organic or Paid traffic.

Advantages and Disadvantages


–    No software installed

–    Superfast

–    The browser in offline mode

–    Support push notification on all Android devices

–    Installed on the mobile website as you want

–    Installed in Apple or Android with no App store approval

–    Easy and simple to use

–    No technical skills required

–    Detailed training videos

–    Refund policy


I have not seen any troubles from using this software.  

Price and Evaluation

PAB has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs:

-Front-End (PAB – $47-$97) (See Details)

-OTO 1 (PAB Pro – $67-$97) 

-OTO 2 (SAAS Reseller License – $197-$297) 

-OTO 3 (WhiteLabel WordPress Plugin – $297-$497) 



Progressive Apps Builder Review – Conclusion

Mobile App is very convenient but as you know, the cost for that is not small. With Progressive Apps Builder, we can forget all the troubles and I think that is a good choice for all marketers. With just one payment, we have the method to convert the website even do it as your service with high profit. Why do you hesitate too long? There is no reason to miss out the big deal and I advise you to consider it carefully.

Hopefully, you can find the useful information from my Progressive Apps Builder Review and make a wise choice. I wish you success and good luck!

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