Some Trusted Ways To Make Money Online In 2018 and 2019

Make money online is a form that you can make money online with just a computer connected to the world through internet connection.

If you first know to make money online may sound strange but make money online is real. With a computer with internet connection, you can work anywhere in the world, making any time to earn money.

Make money online now until 2018 has developed extremely diverse in many different forms, and of course there will also be many ways to make money online.

Because there are so many ways to make money online, if you are new to this path, you will definitely be disoriented and do not know what form should choose.

Why do I say that?

Because of the interplay between forms of sustainable online monetization, there are certainly many forms of online monetization that are either fraudulent or unsustainable, which undermine the psychology of beginners. .

In a 1 billion kilometer article today I will statistically help you make money online sustainable and also say the form of making money online that you should not do.

There are some forms I’m doing right now while others I’m learning. So I will try my best to give you the best view of these forms in my own way.

I.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is still the oldest form of marketing and online money making because of its simplicity. With affiliate marketing you will be a collaborator as the intermediary between the seller and the buyer.

However, the special thing here is that you do not need to create products and you do not need to ship goods to customers. You only need to market your product to your customers through your link.

If you are a newbie and not know about Affiliate Marketing. You can read our long article about this field here.

Spending time learning and experimenting, I realized that the affiliate world was immense, with billions of affiliate programs out there for you to do. Generally speaking, as an affiliate marketer you are never afraid that you don’t know which product to promote, the most important thing is that you bring value to your customers so that they can buy through your link.

However, within the scope of my article today, I focus only on some form of affiliate that people do.

If you are doing any affiliate form that I have not mention here then you can comment right below my article and I will certainly study the form.

If ok then I will try and write some blog experience articles.

Ok and now these are the familiar affiliate forms that I see people are and are doing.

1/Doing Affiliate With Product Launch:

Doing affiliate with Product Launch began to appear and exploded few years ago, I did not participate from the beginning so do not know exactly when people began but as I see it is extremely popular from 2012-2014.

People are still doing affiliate with product launches now, but they are more competitive now.

Some vendors create digital products such as software and sell to the market in a short time (about 7 days), and are called Product Launch.

The original concept refers to launching a product, but it doesn’t mean you create your own product like them.

Here we are referring to affiliate marketing, meaning that you will do affiliate marketing for the Product Launch.

Vendor (the seller) creates the software and you apply for affiliate link (the link attached to your ID) of that software and bring it to the market. When someone buys through this affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

The example below is a video maker tool called VideoBuilder created by vendor Todd Gross. He created the software and released it to the market, and you apply for your affiliate link and promote it (below the second picture is your affiliate link with ID, for example. 431445 is my affiliate ID).

So I say again that in this area we are doing product launch in the form of affiliate, you do not create products, you do not ship products to customers, your job is just marketing.

Referring to Product Launch, there are a number of reputable networks that people like to join: Jvzoo, ClickBank, WarriorPlus, Dealguardian, ClickBetter, ClickSure.

However, in my opinion, the 3 most popular networks are Jvzoo, ClickBank and WarriorPlus.

Because most of the big vendors in the world are selling their products here to make money and these three networks are also very reputable, paying for affiliate marketers on time.

In short, these networks such as Jvzoo, ClickBank, and WarriorPlus are places where vendors list their products and where you apply for affiliate link too.They are also the place to handle the commission payment for you.

One more point, I reveal to you that there is a website to provide you with information about the product Launch. This page gathers information about upcoming products of all networks such as Jvzoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank including date and time, vendor name, product name, commission,etc. The website I mention here is “MunchEye”.

You can go to MunchEye to see the products launched, below I will give you examples, products of networks such as Jvzoo, WarriorPlus and ClickBank are posted here. You should bookmark this page to conveniently check out upcoming products.

As for commissions for affiliate marketers, as my example above you will see commissions are so high, usually 50%, some 75% even Up to 100%.

Now I’m going to collect some ways to do Affiliate for Product Launch for your refenrece:

-Make a website and do SEO: This means that you will make a website reviewing some upcoming products. Take a look to my screenshot above:

As you see the VideoBuilder product would be launched on 21/July/2017, so your job is to make a website to review it and do SEO to rank it to the top of Google.

Take a look at the picture I took from this product, some SEOers ranked their articles to the top of Google successfully.

So why do you do SEO with affiliate in Product Launch?

Here’s my example with VideoBuilder product launched on July 21, 2017 the vendor and its vendor colleagues would run ads, and send Email marketing to thousands of people (you do not care why they have such large followers, because they have sold the old products and they have old records about their customers).

Those who receive the message, or view the vendor’s ad for these products, will go to Google search to read information about these upcoming products. And of course if you rank your article to top of Google then the potential customers will read your article and buy through your affiliate link.

So you will get affiliate commissions of the products you sell.

-Email Marketing: This is a method by which you build your email list and take care of your email list and then make money online with this list. This is the oldest form that most affiliate marketers do.

-Run Facebook Ads, Google Adword: It means you use paid traffic to make money with affiliate.

Note1: Recommended Course: Paytrix. Paytrix is a kind of instructional course that uncovers a reliable method, a framework to be exact. Using this method, you can easily scale up your business by up to 75% on a daily basis.

As this method is created specifically for newbies, you should not feel so worried when it comes to how to apply it to the business.

2.Make Money Online With ClickBank:

ClickBank, as mentioned in doing affiliate with Product Launch part, is also a network of digital products.

However, unlike Jvzoo, or WarriorPlus, which specializes in digital products related to Internet Marketing, ClickBank offers a wide variety of products ranging from health, beauty, business, internet marketing to the arts.

You can see the ClickBank product categories below: There are many different topics such as Cooking, Home, Sports, Travel, Language, etc.

ClickBank is similar to Jvzoo or Warrior Plus, including: Vendor, Affiliate, and Customer.

There is a difference between ClickBank and other networks as CB’s products are usually sold all year around while Jvzoo or W + products usually only are sold for a short time (usually 7 days).

ClickBank is an extremely popular network in IM space , and many people earned thousands of dollars to millions of dollars by selling ClickBank products.

Similar to Product Launch, I also mentioned some ways to do ClickBank that I know:

-Make product review website:

It’s the way you buy a domain, host and set up a website to review ClickBank products. This method has the advantage of less capital (For investment of $ 50 hosting + $ 5 domain, you can start make money online).

However, the downside is competition in SEO is getting more competitive.

I’m work as SEOer and I confirm about it.

Especially with hot products, the competition rate will be higher. For example, “3 Week Diet” – This is a very popular product of ClickBank with Gravity index 129.3. Or just simply go to google and type the keyword “3 week diet review”, a lot of websites have dominated this keyword for a long time.

So making website review to do SEO with ClickBank products though spends less money but very competitive.

-Make a video review of ClickBank products:

Here’s the way you make a video review and post it to Youtube, optimize its videos so your video review can rank to top of google and Youtube.

It’s so simple but now it’s a highly competitive way, you cannot make money just with simple videos lacking in hard work.

Finally you need to perform SEO On Page and SEO Off Page for your video to help your videos climb to the top of Youtube or Google.

-Email Marketing with ClickBank products:

This is the way you build an email list for a niche, such as weight loss, skin care, dog training, and more.

You can build a website, set the opt-in form to receive emails, run ads to pull the user to your landing page to collect email, use Solo Ads as Udimi, building social networking community, etc.

-Run Facebook Ads, Adword, Bing Ads:

This is how you pay to use FB, Bing, Google ads to pull traffic to your landing page or to direct customers to the sales page of the product.

The advantage of this method is that you have a fast traffic source to make sales, at least faster than the traditional SEO method that I mentioned above.

The disadvantage of this method is that you have to spend a lot of money. In the process of running ads you also need to have the skills to run ads such as Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Adword otherwise you will fail or not enough money.

Note2: Recommend Course: CB Passive Income 4.0 CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 is a powerful program which includes clone software, promotional training courses, lead capture system, etc. It will let you license entire system therefore you will have chances to make a passive income. You can feel free to clone entire business by using your smart phone. With CB Passive Income License Program 4.0, you can use proven-to-convert mobile pages to build your lists anywhere, created a new membership and generate income from the web as well. 

3.Make Money Online With Amazon Via NicheSite/Authority Site:

Making money with Amazon in the form of NicheSite or Authority Site is also a niche in making money with affiliate marketing.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world. Did you know that Amazon has a tremendous amount of traffic today? Make affiliate money with Amazon is a form that has existed for so long, a lof of people are doing it. This form of monetization is extremely durable and gives you a passive income.

The commission of making Affiliate with Amazon is about 4% -8%, you find it very small not worth doing a business but if you have a niche site or an authority site ranked on the top of Google for some keywords, you will pocket a lot of money.

I will clarify the concept of A Niche Site and An Authority Site to better understand the two forms of this website:

-Niche Site: is a website you do about a niche product that includes all the information about the product such as how to use, how to buy that product, how to preserve that product, etc.

For example, if you work on a coffee machine niche, you will make a niche site for information about espresso machines such as how to buy quality coffee machines, how to make a good cup of coffee, how to preserve espresso machines, top quality coffee machines.

-Authority Site: is a website that you do on a large field such as health, sports, animals, and you will have to develop all the information about the field you are doing, give the readers much more information in that topic, not just a niche like the niche site.

Usually the steps to do a Niche Site / Author Site are as follows:

-Step1: Research the niche market / field you intend to do

-Step2: Research your niche site / authority site keywords using the keyword research tool KWFinder – a tool you can trust in keyword research at an affordable price.

-Step3: Register the affiliate network you intend to do as Amazon, ClickBank, CJ, ShareSale and proceed to get the affiliate link of the product you intend to promote.

-Step4: Buy Hosting, domain and install wordpress for your website.

-Step5: Rent content for your niche site / authority site. If you are good at English you can write your own or you can hire freelancers to do this.

-Step6: Build backlink for your website. There are many backlink options for the niche site and authority site, but I encourage you to research the white hat link in 2017.

-Step7: Continue to build content for your site continuously and then optimize for your article and website. Track the progress of your site.

To make an effective Niche Site / Authority Site, we recommend that you have the following mindsets:

[+]Overall mindset: Niche Site / Authority Site is a long-winded road, not something you can do today, but next week you have a few thousand dollars passive income. That is impossible.

Niche Site / Authority Site earnings will stabilize after 3-6 months if you do it right and hard. If you are lazy, simply you cannot make money online.

So you need to be consistent in the way you choose.

[+]Skills: you do not need to know good code, high programming, or pro graphics, but you need to know basic computer skills such as using Excel, Microsoft Word, Using Google Translate. In addition to you have to know some basic knowledge about how to structure a wordpress site.

[+]Capital: you need capital, at least every month you must have a budget of at least $ 200- $ 300 (as much as possible) to cover the cost of content, rent hosting, buy backlink. Do not start doing Niche Site or Authority Site if you do not have enough capital or using that capital makes your life become difficult than ever.

 If you do not have the capital, choose another form of your monetization series today, and then build that business first and return to do Niche Site / Authoirty Site later.

Note3: Recommended Course: “Azon Fat Cats”, and It instructs you the way to make money with Amazon. 

4.Make Money Online Through Hosting/Domain/Theme Affiliate Program:

As you know, hosting providers, domains, themes that you buy every day have affiliate programs. Making money with hosting/domain/theme affiliate program is very sustainable, the payment is also guaranteed.

I list some hosting/domain/theme affiliate program for your reference:


















II.Make Money Online With T-Shirt Marketing:

Selling T-shirts online is an extremely hot segment since 2014, currently the market selling shirts has been a bit more competitive but still a great ground for everyone. At that time I still remember many people also earn thousands of dollars in a week by running Facebook ads selling t-shirt online.

There are many platforms that allow you to upload the images you design to their website, and your job is just to bring that shirt to the online promotion.

When customers order clothes, this website they will print their own shirt and ship to customers, your work is just to check the account and receive the commission.

The commissions of a shirt you sell are $10- $20 range. 

If each shirt has a profit of $10, sold 1000 units, the profit will be $10000, right?

Up to now, there are many people in my country become millionaires thanks to the selling T-shirts online.

I list some of the benefits of selling T-shirts online so you know:

[+]You do not need to care about printing shirt, shipping shirt, support because you only do as an affiliate. Selling T-shirt online is also affiliate marketing, you do not need to care about post-sale.

[+]Great profit: The affiliate commission for each sale is from $ 10- $ 20, as good as doing affiliate for Product launch I mention in part I.

[+]The human demands for T-shirt is unlimited: If you have a good design with great quote on it, the customers are willing to buy it again and again.

For example, when I started selling T-shirt online, I knew that a lot of people loved dogs so much so I designed a design with a quote about dogs. You can see the picture below is a shirt for the dog Corgi.

As you can see, it is normal for you to buy a T-shirt at home, but that does not mean you wear a T-shirt for a few years, you just wear it for a few months, then you will also buy new clothes, but buy a few at once, not just one.

As you can see above, it is said that selling T-shirts can make you rich quick in a short time but by 2018-2019 selling T-shirt online requires a lot of skills. If you are not the expert in this field, you may lose your money.

1/Selling T-shirts With Platforms:

The platform I mentioned above allows you to upload your design.

There are a lot of platforms that allow you to sell shirts, they all have the same features as you can upload your own design, you can set your own price, then if you make sales, you get commission and usually receive payment through PayPal or Payoneer.

Your work when selling T-shirt on some platforms includes:

-Step 1: Register the account of the platform of your choice: I encourage you to participate in some of the platforms below:

+ TeeSpring

+ SunFrog

+ ViralStyle

+ TeeChip

-Step 2: Market research: It is your job to study which market you are targeting in which country you sell your T-shirts to, but only in the United States or Europe (where large online shopping needs and high income).

+ You need to study the idea on the shirt: Who will be your customer?, their ages, their gender, their interests. These factors are very important because if you make a mistake then you go to wrong advertising and then you fail in your campaign.

+ You need to study the quote on the shirt (the letter on the shirt) and the image on the shirt: text and pictures on the shirt you choose to infringe copyright or not?, how the words should be arranged?, all must be checked carefully otherwise the customer will not buy the shirt and you will lose.

-Step 3: T-Shirt design: After the above research, you have to realize your idea on the shirt by the design. You can create your own shirt by PhotoShop. However, I encourage you to hire a designer because they have more experience, the rental price is cheap, I rent on Fiverr $ 5.

-Step 4: Set Pricing: Usually they allow you to set your own price, they have a base cost, which is their printing cost. This cost is based on number of colors or image s on your shirt.

I do not remember how to calculate the base cost, but when I upload my design, the platform will calculate the based cost automatically. But usually I design or choose 2-3 colors to put on the shirt only.

When you set the price of the shirt you should also check the shirt on the market you are selling to the appropriate price, avoid the case of selling the shirt price is too high and nobody buys it.

-Step 5: Advertising your shirt: Usually people are running Facebook Ads to sell T-shirts online. Selling T-shirts with Facebook Ads in 2018-2019 is not easy if you do not have the full knowledge. I have ever spent $ 500 FB Ads without making any sales.

You need to study your customer info as interest, age, gender, behavior, etc. If you ignore these steps and do not know how to optimize Ads is like throwing money through the window.

Note3: Recommend course: GB Crack. GB Cracked is a program that will show you exactly how to start out an Ecom business from zero budget down. Using one untapped platform and through the strategies, you can create multiple mini cash machines in any niche possible.

2.Selling T-shirts With Shopify:

Shopify can be understood simply as a paid e-commerce platform provider with a lot of benefits in terms of interface, customer support and payment integration.

Selling a shirt with Shopify means you create a store and tie up your store with the shirt printing company, for example TeeSpring. This store will support integrated payment Visa, MasterCard, Paypal always.

When customers order T-shirts, the company will print shirts and ship them to customers, you just get the commission to the account.

Note4: Recommend course: Targeting Academy. Targeting Academy is a training course which mainly focuses on Facebook ad targeting. It includes many powerful strategies for Facebook and e-Commerce marketers.

To be specific, it will show what you need to do and what you should avoid when attracting real buyers. To do so, you will learn how to target Facebook ads to put your products in the eyes of targeted customers. This helps save time, money and remove all guesswork. 

3.Selling T-shirt With Merch By Amazon:

Merch By Amazon is a form that allows you to sell shirts using free traffic. Your shirt is uploaded and will be public on Amazon, and you know that Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the planet.

This site has large traffic on a daily. If a customer buys your shirt, Amazon will print the shirt and ship to customers, you do not need to do anything else just receive the commission.

Although using Amazon free traffic to make money online but it’s not easy as you think, to make money with Merch By Amazon you need to do the work as follows:

-Step 1: Register for a Merch By Amazon account.

If you are a newcomer who is anxious to make money using this method, it is a good idea to buy a Merch account because it is so difficult to register a new account on Merch.

I remember it took 2 months for me to receive the approval from Merch By Amazon.

You buy accounts in several Facebook groups about Merch By Amazon, but note that need to check carefully before buying to ensure that you are not buying the account got violation about copyright.

– Step 2: After your account is approved, you can proceed to upload the first 25 shirts. Merch has some milestones like 25, 100,500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000, 8000, and is called “Tier.” If you go through the corresponding milestones and you get to the next tier allows you to upload more shirts.

Before uploading your shirt, please remember to fill in company profile, payment and banking information and tax information. Merch By Amazon allows you to receive money via Payoneer.

-Step 3: You need to study the market before you start designing your shirt and upload it to Merch.

Best Sellers Rank (BSR): Any product on Amazon has this index, which is a measure of the sales volume of that product on Amazon, if the product has a rank with the number.

The lower the index, the better the product. If you have an uploaded jacket that can rank # 2000, you can expect to sell 25-50 units a day.

+Research on copyright: Merch is so strict in copyright,and any actions of your copyright infringement will be flagged and risk of deleting account, leading to the loss of money.

You should check Copyright at two famous sites:



Find a design: You find a shirt with good rank on the Merch and your task is to design a shirt better than the shirt you find and do not violate the copyright. If you can do it, you will have your chance to sell your shirt.

-Step 4: Optimize title tags, keywords, description. Think about if your customers find the shirt on Merch, which keywords do they type? Then you have to set right keywords to your shirt.

Selling shirts with Merch By Amazon is very suitable for desingers because they have the ability to design shirts.

Saying that does not mean you are not desinger, you do not make money with Merch By Amazon but now you have focus on designs so much.

You will never make money with Merch if your idea of ​​design is bad and poor.

Beside copyrights, competition about shirt price is popular on Merch By Amazon.

III.Make Money Online With PPC (Pay Per Click):

PPC is called Pay Per Click. This way of making money means that you have a website or a youtube video attached to the ad, and you will receive money based on valid click on each ad.

There are two ways to make PPC money that you find popular in IM is Make Money With Youtube and Make Money With Google Adsense.

-Make Money With YouTube: You create a Youtube channel, enable monetization, and link your channel to your Adsense Host account.

-With Google Adsense: You buy a host, domain and set up a website, write content for that site and place Google Adsense ads to start making money.

1.Make Money Online With Youtube:

[+] Make money with Youtube Partner:

Your task is to have a Gmail account to create Youtube channels, you need to optimize the channel connected to Google Adsense account (according to the new law from April 2017 your channel must have a total of 10000 views you are allowed to monetize with your channel)

Your next task is to identify the market. Once you have chosen the market for video, then you have to research keywords, then produce video and upload to your Youtube channel.

The last thing you have to do is to optimize On Page for Video. Optimize onpage is you have to study to optimize the title tag, description of the video and set the appropriate tag for your video.

Also, in order for your video to have more views, you can add more backlinks to your videos to increase your video’s ranking on Google search engines.

You should also share your videos on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google + to get more views.

[+]Do Affiliate Marketing Via Youtube:

I have added a section to make money with Affiliate Marketing on Youtube here because I see almost people make money online with Youtube partner but they forget using Youtube to make money online with Affiliate Marketing is a good choice too.

I see many people are doing video reviews about ClickBank products and linking and put the affiliate link in the description, or many of them make video tutorials on how to use a certain software and then put the affiliate to drive visitors to the offer they want.

As you can see from the examples below you can see many people are posting a demo video about Viddyoze (a kind of software production Intro and Outro of video).

Note5: Recommended Course: Passion Tube Profits. Passion Tube Profits is a training curse that gives you the right way to make passive income via YouTube. The vendor – DPAPA shows you how to build streams of income through commissions and affiliate marketing strategies.

With Passive Tube Profits, you get to know how to develop a business with less cost and no recurring fee each month. You will learn how to combine everything together to develop your content without actually having a video. 

2.Make Money Online With Google Adsense:

To make money with Google Adsense Content (different from Google Adsense Host or for Youtube) you must have a website. When you have a website, you build good website content,then customers to your site click on the Google Adsense ads displayed and you will receive money.

Making money online with Google Adsense Content are under some steps below:

-Step 1: Buy a domain name, create a WordPress website. You can create your website in different ways. You can even create a free website with Blogspot or Weebly.

But to make money with Google Adsense need to have domain and the website needs to be professional.

I also recommend you create a website with WordPress because creating a website with WordPress is easy now.

I graduate with business degree, I do not know much about code as well as programming but I still learn WordPress and master it.

You should install some easy-to-read interface themes such as My Theme Shop, Junkie.

-Step 2: Build content for website. There are 2 ways to build content to make money with Google Adsense is to build news sites and personal blog.

I still encourage you to do personal blogs when you are beginner because building a news site is quite tired because the news always changes continuously, if you do not quickly update the news you will not be able to earn the money.

With personal blogs, you also need to really care for the content to make sure your visitors stay long enough on your site and click the ad.

If you write content too sketchy readers will exit immediately. It leads you don’t earn any money with Google Adsense while the rank of your website is getting down because the bounce rate of your website is getting up.

-Step 3: Sign up for Google Adsense Content.

In my opinion you should write 20-30 posts on your website before applying for new Google Adsense account. The reason is that Google is so strict for approving a new account. If your content is too bad, you can’t be approved.

-Step 4: Drive traffic to your website

Once you have content on your website, now you need to drive traffic to your website.

You can drive traffic to your website via SEO or paid ads:

[+]SEO: Use your SEO tips On Page and Off Page to increase the ranking of your website keywords on the Google search engine.

-SEO On Page is the best way to optimize your website’s interface. You have to make your website look more friendly, and then your visitors stay long enough on your site.

-SEO Off Page is the way you create backlinks to improve your ranking on Google.

SEO is a very long-term business and involves a lot of relevant knowledge. In scope of my review today I can’t reveal all SEO secrets but I promise I will write some articles about it.

[+]Facebook Ads: This means that you run ads to drive traffic to your site.

I do not encourage newbie to do this because it is quite expensive. Beside, you need to have so many skills on it otherwise you lose the money.

Note6: Recommend Course:

1/Madsense Reborn 2: Madsense Reborn 2.0 is a comprehensive training course on how to make Adsense generate the profit and put it on steroids. It is an Adsense copy-paste strategy that anyone can apply and earn commissions.

The primary purpose of this course is to help its users make online profits in a simple way. Madsense Reborn 2.0 is a foolproof alternative to any full-time job. It creates the stable income stream without any need for experience, financial support, and time investment. 

2/Adsense Machine: Adsense Machine is a brand new step-by-step training course which allows you to you can copy and create sites that earn passive income using Google Adsense.

It is easy for you to use it since Adsense Machine provides you with the newbie-friendly method you need to create $2500/ month and more you can copy and create sites that earn passive income using Google Adsense. 

3.Make Money Online With Facebook Audience Network:

I can tell you that the Facebook Audience Network (FAN) is a mobile advertising network of Facebook.

You need an app or website to make money with this form.

Within the scope of this article, I would only mention more about making money with FAN through Instant Articles (you need to have a website and sign up for Instant Articles with Facebook)

Instant Articles is built by Facebook to overcome Mobile page load speed. Users can read your site’s news on Facebook without having to visit your website.

For example, the image below is an Instant Articles, just click on the “lightning” icon to be able to read the article on the mobile always.

So when FAN ads are in instant articles you can start making money with this form, and in addition, this is also a great way to increase traffic on your website.

If your website is a news website, this is a great way to make money.

IV.Make Money Online With Dropshipping And Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA):

These two forms are a bit similar so I put into a group.

-Make money with Dropshipping: Dropshipping is the way you sell the goods and get profit but skipping the shipping process.

This model can be understood simply as follows:

+Step 1: You find cheap sources about goods, such as Aliexpress, Taobao, for example.

+Step 2: You build a store with these goods you find from step 1 at eBay, Amazon, Walmart,etc.

+Step 3: Once Customers order items you sell, you will receive money and you use this amount of money to order at the first source in step 1. The supplier will process the order and ship to the customer address you provided.

This kind of business is very good for beginners because you don’t need to take care the shipping process. You only need to marketing to sell more items and get more profit.

-Make Money With FBA:

This is the form where you rent Amazon’s stock to sell goods. This means you also have a store on Amazon.

Amazon will help you pack, preserve, and ship goods when customers order items from your store.

Your job is to find good and cheap sources and find ways to sell your items. Amazon helps you take care the shipping.

This kind of business is so hard for newbie because it takes so much money on managing at the beginning.

Note7: Recommend Course: Dropship Profit Code. It is a complete 6-week video training course which brings learners the whole knowledge of dropshipping.

Each week you will receive the training videos about the different topics which you get them from easy to difficult to ensure that you will understand everything.

After this step-by-step course, you will know how to find the low-cost products from Aliexpress, how to run the effective Facebook ads and the places to sell your products at higher cost.

V.Make Money Online With Freelancer Network:

This is a form that I highly encourage you do at the beginning. The reason it is so easy to build some capital for beginner.

We first need to understand what Freelancer is. You hear some of them say their job is to do Freelancer.

Freelancer is a freelance job not fixed in time or place. You do Freelancer, you have to have a certain skill and you have to find work yourself to do.

Some works you can make money as freelancer:


-Website designer




If you do not have the skills listed above, then do not worry too much, you can make money with Freelancer with even simpler skills.

For example:

-You have a good looking and are capable of speaking fluently, confident in front of the camera, you can use this skill to make money. There are a lot of people out there they need to hire you as a speaker for their video, or do an introducer for their product, for example.

-You are not good at code but you have more experiences about WordPress, you can open the service installing wordpress or fixing WordPress error. Thousands of people on this planet willing to spend $10 to hire you fix their website. Take a look at the example below:

-If you are SEOer, you must have a website list to create backlinks,right? So why do not you open a SEO service, there are so many people willing to pay you $ 10 to create 10-15 web 2.0 backlinks. Take a look at the example below:

Some of the networks that you are advised to do are:

+ Fiverr



Beside, I also see many people are making a good money with Arbitrage Freelancer.

In this model you work as middleman. You open a service on and charge your customer $50 for one particular job.

Once your customer pays you $50 at, you go to Fiverr to find the service similar to your Freelancer service and order it with cheaper price, for example $10. You get $40 profit for this action.

This is also a good way to make money but you have to make sure you find a cheap source from Fiverr and its Fiverr seller needs to delivers on time.


1/Recommended course about making money online with Fiverr network: Riserr. RISERR is a video training course which shows you how to make up to $100 per day. The thing that makes RISERR different from other common courses is that you do not need to create a website, a list to drive traffic or any huge budget at all. That also means you do not need to invest any penny to make money using RISERR. Amazing!

The course can show you how to make about $80 to $100, and if you want more, there will be some tips you can use to scale up.

2/Recommended Course about arbitrage freelancer: Arbitrage Underdog 5.0

VI.Make Money Online With Altcoin/Bitcoin:

-Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a kind of electronic money that has been around since 2008. It is a kind of money that exists separately and is not managed by a security agency, government or financial institution. The world has about 21 million units of bitcoin.

-Altcoin: The same kind of electronic money that came out after Bitcoin’s success but different from bitcoin. Altcoin is a more advanced version of Bitcoin.

The most popular forms of Bitcoin / Altcoin monetization are:

-Hold Bitcoin/Altcoin in long term: This is the way you buy Altcoin/Bitcoin in some exchanges and hold them in your wallet (I mean online wallet) and sell them once its price increases and get profit.

-Miner: The use of computers with a good VGA configuration, combining the processing power of the CPU and VGA to run the algorithm to decode the block to receive virtual currency such as bitcoin, and other virtual currencies such as ETH, ETC, XMR, etc.

-Trade coin.


1/Recommended Course 1: CryptoSuite. Cryptosuite is known as the world’s first cryptocurrency software which takes care of all the manual processes in total autopilot seasoned crypto experts do manually for the purpose of generating serious money. Cryptosuite eliminates all guesswork by giving you with the winning coins daily based on live stats. 

2/Recommended Course 2: Cryptomatic360. CryptoMatic360  is known as the first revolutionary future predicting software which lets you know when to buy or sell Bitcoin, Forex, Gold, Silver etc and profit with it quickly right before the crowd know about the movement. CryptoMatic360 allows you to enter new trades based on two volatility indicators which coincide exactly with other color-coordinate indicators that make it easier to know entries and exits using color and volatility 

VII.Make Money Online With Amazon Kindle Book:

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a place where writers / authors / marketers can publish ebooks for sale.

This is another potential way to make money online.

This is Because you make money with Amazon Kindle Ebook you do not have to worry about hosting, SEO, traffic as much as you know Amazon is the largest e-commerce website on the planet, they are a well-known platform with huge traffic .

You have to choose the theme for the ebook, hire the writer, design the logo, book cover and upload to the Amazon Kindle Ebook.

Users must install the application and buy the book to be read and the book is not allowed to print, only read online, so you will also be assured of copyright of the book.

According to the experience of some people, you should create ebooks sharing about some experience or tricks, with about 8000 words on topics such as: Weight Loss, Dog Training, Parenting, Stock Trading, Self -Confidence.

This is a relatively new way of earning money that I appreciate.


As I said at the beginning, this is a one billion miles article and if you are reading this line, the first thing that I thank you very much for your attention to my article.

You see there in 2018 and years later, the forms that I write in this article will continue to be the gold mine for all marketers.

Making money online is always a difficult path, not an overnight method to make rich quick. There are a lot of people out there who have succeeded in making money online, but actually they put in a lot of energy, effort and overcome many hardships.

Me too, I am also making money online and I just like you, I study every day, trying every day to improve myself and go to success.

I wish you always have more health and keep your passionate flames to make money Online successfully.

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