VidFactory Review – Create Professional Ads from Any Video

VidFactory Review

The Future of Marketing

Promotional videos have long been an ultimate weapon for digital marketers to bring their products closer to potential customers since such visual presence has the ability to strike viewers’ attention. However, creating video ads might take a huge amount of money, not to mention that you need to master some design skills if you want to create them on your own.

For those who have a limited budget with little experience in promotions, VidFactory is an appropriate option if you want to deliver your products in videos without costing a lot of money. My VidFactory Review this time focuses on an application that might be useful for you.

VidFactory Review – Overview

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Alvin Yang et al
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11:00 EDT
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Click Here
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Highly recommend

VidFactory Review – What Is VidFactory?

Generally, VidFactory is an online video-making platform that allows you to come up with an unlimited number of video ads for Instagram and Facebook within a few simple clicks of your mouse. The special thing is that you can totally customize the elements inside these videos so that they fit your brand and products.

As videos are stated to be the future of marketing, I strongly believe that VidFactory can help you expand your market to many different social media platforms. Stay tuned for more information about this widget in my VidFactory Review.

About Author

VidFactory is a product of Alvin Yang. First and foremost, he is also the CEO of KV Social, which has produced hundreds of webinars and several six-figure launches on JV platforms. The mutual characteristics that I can see in his products are that he makes sure customers can easily utilize them in their businesses without any difficulties.

Regarding his experience as a product creator and a CEO of his own company, you can put your faith in his products as they are likely to address the problems you are facing because he is facing the same problems. This VidFactory Review will explore more about different aspects of this system.

VidFactory Review – What Are the Features of VidFactory?

Here are some functions that you can find in VidFactory:

  • The drag-n-drop editor that enables users to add an image, background track, narration, text, and button to your video ads
  • Create videos any time you come up with a new idea from anywhere because VidFactory is fully cloud-based
  • Provide subscribers with a collection of thousands of copyright-free videos which are ready to be converted into professional ads
  • Generate a viral meme using any video in the blink of an eye
  • Export the final product in high resolution, then share your video on any social media platform that you want

Start creating your own video ads right now.

Who Should Buy It?

If you ask me, I would recommend VidFactory to those who are desperate to implement video marketing for their businesses. As we all know, the unstoppable growth of the Internet has forced Internet marketers to constantly keep up with the trend if they do not want to fall behind with other competitors. Therefore, if you want to survive, creating video ads with VidFactory is a good choice.

In addition, since this tool does not take too much time to get used to, beginners will be able to instantly apply it to their businesses. That is also a great plus for VidFactory when compared with several complicated systems out there. What’s more, you can have full access to VidFactory after purchasing without having to pay for monthly subscriptions.

Pros and Cons


  • The topics of the videos are wide-ranging, so you can create the most suitable ones for your products
  • Fully web-based, no installation needed
  • Video lessons and webinars are provided to clarify questions and concerns


  • Limited renders in front-end offer.

VidFactory Review – Personal Experience

To be honest, I have to admit that sometimes it takes quite a long time for me to discover all details. However, as I mentioned earlier in VidFactory Review, this application is still a stunning choice among its kind. Despite the slow processing time, the dashboard is extremely friendly to newbies, so I can start creating a video ad within a few minutes.

Moreover, the best part about VidFactory is that it lets me add any kind of element to the video to make it unique for my business. Hence, I can edit all things using VidFactory without switching from tabs to tabs to do that. After using this system for two weeks, I realized that my sales page has become much more interesting and appealing due to the presence of multiple types of videos.

I used this product as beta tester so you can trust anything I review today.

To help you understand more details about it, I’m going to make a tour about it.

Here is the main dashboard for new users:

As you there are some interesting tools here, I’m going to explain features of every elements.

1/Video Ads:

You have three options to upload your videos: Upload from desktop, upload from Youtube, Upload from Library.

Today I’m going to choose a random video from VidFactory library. As I see, there are a lot of default videos for you there.

And here is the main editor:

As you see, you can add your text, pictures and audio and edit your background color.

I am an online marketer using video ads so much so this is a part I really like.

2/Meme Maker:

Like Video Ads, you also have 3 options to upload your videos: desktop, youtube, and library.

I’m also going to choose a video library to make the example today.

As you see, you can edit top text and bottom text to make your Meme more interesting.

I also like this Meme tool because if you use Video Marketing for your business, Meme is really useful. Now I’m using a lot of Meme Videos on my facebook fanpages.

3/Video Filters:

Here is some filters you can choose for your video:

4/Resize Video:

I appreciate this element because as you know, you have to upload your video to many platforms as Facebook, Reddit, Instagram or even you have to resize it to make your Fanpage cover so you have to resize your video.

You have some options to resize your video as below:

5/Reserve Video:

For example: In the original video, the wind is from the right to the left. In the reserved video, the wind is from the left to the right.

6/Video To Gif:

This is another good element because it is necessary for online marketing now.

You can turn your video to GIF by editting your time and click Export to GIF:

7/Loop Video:

I think this feature is necessary when you have a too short video and you need to loop it to make it more interesting.

With VidFactory, you can loop your video by x2,x3,x4,x5,x6, and x8.

8/Mute Video:

Mute Video is essential for your business as well. Imaging that you have to build Done-For-You video for your clients and you have tons of videos you have to mute, your work is so heavy.

With VidFactory, you only need to click and done!

Now if you still confused what I explain today, you can watch this demo video below:


My Opinion:

-What I like:

[+]High-speed loading page, fast render

[+]A lot of great tools necessary for my business

[+]Beautiful default videos in library

-What I don’t like:

[+]Limited the number of renders In Front-End offer (30 for basic version and 100 for elite versions)

Evaluation and Price

You still have two days left to make your decision whether to choose VidFactory for video making as it is going to be launched on May 26, 2018. The front-end package can be bought at $27, so prepare your budget if you are fond of this tool (it is also a good bargain, though). However, I have no idea if the price stays the same forever or not, so hurry up!

Beside, VidFactory has 1 Front-End and 2 OTOs:

-Front-End (VidFactory – $27-$37) (See Details)

[+]Basic ($27): 30 Monthly Renders

[+]Elite ($37): 100 Monthly Renders + Developers Rights.

-OTO 1 (VidFactory Pro – $27/Per Month – Unlimited Renders/Video Filters/Resize Video/Video To GIF/Loop Video) (See Details)

-OTO 2 (VidFactory DFY – $67 – 20 DFY Video Ads With Voiceover/Additional 10 Video Ads Per Month for 9 Months) (See Details)

Furthermore, there are many bonuses coming along with the original application, so do not forget to check on its sales page for more details. As usual, VidFactory has a money back guarantee, meaning that you can ask for a refund in a period of 30 days if you don’t think VidFactory can benefit your business in any way.

The Bottom Line

Coming back to the point I’ve stated in the beginning, videos will soon outweigh any other type of promotions due to its attraction. Therefore, VidFactory will be an excellent choice for you to follow up with the trend with a reasonable budget. I hope that VidFactory Review can help you come to the most precise decision for your business. Like I said, any question is welcomed. Thank you all!

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