WP Freshstart 5 Review – Automatic WordPress Building Platform

WP FreshStart 5 Review

The Torture of New Site Creation

If you are an online business owner and you use WordPress to host your products, then you must know the terrible feeling when facing tiny repetitive tasks every time you build up a site on WordPress. It is totally fine if you only have to handle a few blogs, but it is an entire mess if the number of sites you are possessing surpasses ten.

In fact, if you continue coping with this challenge manually, you will sooner or later reach your climax and lose your efficiency dramatically. Such boring tasks consist of deleting defaults comments, posts, and pages, as well as create trending sales pages, etc.

For that reason, the WP Freshstart series has been developed to assists users in handling these tasks simultaneously in an effortless way. This time, WP Freshstart 5 comes back with multiple features, especially the perfect GDPR appliance. A more thorough discussion can be found in WP Freshstart 5 Review.

WP Freshstart 5 Review – Overview

  • Vendor:
Ankur Shukla
  • Product:
WP Freshstart 5
  • Launch Date:
  • Launch Time:
10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price:
  • Sales Page:
Click Here
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  • Refund:
30-day money back guarantee
  • Recommend:
Highly recommend

What Is WP Freshstart 5?

Generally, WP Freshstart 5 allows subscribers to automate all the repetitive tasks that you have to go through when setting up a new business site. In addition, this WordPress plug-in has the ability to significantly boost your sales performance using several built-in features. As a consequence, you will find it easy to rank your site on search engines.

In the next part of this WP Freshstart 5 Review, I am going to introduce some background information about the vendor behind this plug-in.

About Author

Ankur Shukla is a prestigious Internet marketer for his intellectual experience in the market. A wide variety of Ankur’s services and products has gathered a huge amount of attention for their global successes, marking him as one of the most talented digital marketers of the generation. His typical launches are One Click Traffic, WP Suite, Backlink Machine and so on.

As the next innovation of Ankur Shukla for the WP Freshstart series, WP Freshstart 5 will undoubtedly earn him another big hit in the foreseeable future. Let’s discuss its major functions later on in WP Freshstart 5 Review.

WP Freshstart 5 Review – Features & Benefits

Here is a summary of what WP Freshstart is able to do:

  • Remove all default posts, comments, and pages
  • Customize all default settings relating to WordPress setup
  • Generate important pages such as about us, privacy policy, and contact us
  • Include SEO-friendly elements to your site
  • Provide users with indispensable components like affiliate, earnings disclaimers, Amazon pages, anti-spam, DMCA, and copyright notice

How Does It Work?

There are three simple steps that you have to proceed through in order to start activating WP Freshstart 5.

  • Step 1: Start the installation procedure
  • Step 2: Synchronize it with your personal WordPress account
  • Step 3: Chose the tasks that you want to be completed automatically and click “Save”


Who Should Buy It?

This WP Freshstart 5 Review intends to put an emphasis on particularly targeted audiences that I recommend for this WordPress plug-in. Specifically, if you are planning to build up a brand new WordPress-based platform, but you do not want to encounter a complicated and boring process, then WP Freshstart 5 is absolutely your excellent option. Busy site managers will appreciate this supporting tool.

Furthermore, WP Freshstart 5 allows users to prevent time-consuming tasks by putting them on automation. Thus, you can focus on more essential goals, pushing your business empire forward. That is the reason why I strongly suggest beginners choose this plug-in.

Pros and Cons


  • Fully applicable to multiple different niches
  • Compatible with all technological devices
  • No prior experience needed
  • Tutorial videos are provided to help you efficiently maximize this product’s potentials


  • Not any

Personal Experience

After having implemented this plug-in for my WordPress account, I can manage seven different sites at the same time perfectly. This is because while I manage to overcome more vital problems, I have left all the boring and repetitive tasks for automatic processes. Consequently, this initiative is a complete breakthrough, in my opinion.

Besides, WP Freshstart 5 comes along with an over the shoulder training course, guiding participants step by step through the process of getting along with this plug-in. Not to mention that it also supplies tips for maximizing the potentials of the built-in features. In the end, you are able to enhance audience engagement and send your site to higher rankings on the Internet.

Today, I’m going to take a tour to help you know more details about it.

Here is main dashboard of WP FreshStart 5.0:

There are 9 sections you have to configure:










I’m not going to say too much about this plugin because it is simple and powerful. It saves so much time for you and me. If you are still struggling to manage many WordPress sites everyday, I think this is your solution.

It’s time you had your own experience right here.

Evaluation and Price

WP Freshstart 5 will be released in the first week of June. To be exact, the launch date is June 06, so you can create a reminder in your note in order not to forget. In addition, the special front-end price only lasts for a limited time, which is the reason why you should make your decision quickly. Specifically, the price offer now is only $27.

Beside, WP FreshStart 5 has 1 Front-End and 6 OTOs:

-Front-End (WP FreshStart 5.0 – $17-$27) (See Details)

– Simple 1-Click Plugin for WordPress Automation

– Does 30+ Tasks in just a few clicks…

— Delete default posts & pages instantly.

— Set Permalinks to SEO Friendly Post-Name

— Turn off Comment Notifications via email

— Create Must-Have pages + Legal Pages for your site.

— Create affiliate disclaimer pages for multiple sites.

— Create Categories & new posts/pages you want.

— Install multiple plugins you require…at once.

— Reset Your Entire site in 1-Click


— Create GDPR Ready pages and forms for your site.

— Monetise Sites with Affiliate links + Amazon offers.

— Install Recommended Plugins by Niche

— Insert Lorem Ipsum content into your posts/pages.

— Add dummy images into various parts of your site.

— Disable copying of site content & protect content.

— Block hotlinking of images from external sources.

— Create Robots.txt & Sitemap.xml for SEO

— Add Google Analytics & FB Pixel to your site instantly.

— Show under construction page & allow logged in users to view the site.

— Enable/Disable site indexing by search engines

— Set Blog Title / Tagline in 1-Click.

— Add copyright text + date at the bottom of all pages.

— Add EU Cookie notice to your site.

-OTO 1 (FreshStart Pro – $37) (See Details)

— Includes all the Front End features PLUS all the following features…

— Monetize sites with Clickbank, Jvzoo and other affiliate offers on complete autopilot – create passive income sites.

— Optimize your database / remove garbage data.

— Hide WP, don’t let anyone know you are running WP.

— Change logo on your WP login page.

— Increase site security, block spam.

— Rebrand WordPress, change admin menu options & selectively show plugins & access to users.

— Upload images to IMGUR instead of local storage.

— Lazy load images, make your site load faster.

— Automatically compress all your images.

— Add your branded watermark to all your images.

— Combine CSS/JS files and minimize them, load faster.

— Add Google Translate button for 1-click translation.

— Add Scroll to top button for across your site.

— Replace WP comments with FB comments, get traffic.

— Add FB/Twitter Metadata for social sharing.

— Add Social Sharing buttons floating on your site.

— One Click backup to Dropbox etc.

— Add Google Fonts to your site, get 600+ new fonts.

-OTO 2 (Simple Site Booster – $27) (See Details)

-OTO 3 (Auto Content – $37) (See Details)

-OTO 4 (Auto Monetize – $27) 

-OTO 5 (Auto Traffic – $37) 

-OTO 6 (Auto Leads – $37) 

In a nutshell, WP Freshstart 5 is a global option for those who are looking forward to creating their very first WordPress on a worldwide scale. Specifically, not only does this plug-in let you avoid wasting time, but it can also help you skip several manual steps need to set up a site. Do not forget to take a look at its sales page for more details and demo videos.

This also brings me to the end of my WP Freshstart 5 Review. I have tried to include everything I know about this widget in this review, along with my personal experience. Therefore, if you have any question about its features or purchasing process, please kindly contact me for instant help. Thank you for reading this review.

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