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XFunnels Review

XFunnels Review – Introduction

A website plays a vital role in leaving a positive impression on your potential customers. Via social media platforms, ads, and outbound content, marketers can captivate the visitors’ initial attention. Professional and well-designed pages encourage them to make their purchasing decisions.

There is a wide variety of methods to empower your site, including a branded and compelling design. However, the pages are the first elements that you need to prioritize. You guys will have different purposes for your business, but your pages should always have the ability to attract as much traffic as possible.

I am totally aware of the fact that it is easier said than done, and building up pages require substantial skills. That is when Xfunnels comes into the scene, and please follow Xfunnels Review for more details.

Xfunnels Review – Overview

●      Vendor: Jai Sharma
●      Product: Xfunnels
●      Launch Date: 2018-Sep-08
●      Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
●      Front-End Price: $47
●      Sales Page: Click Here
●      Niche: Video
●      Recommend: Highly Recommend

What Is Xfunnels?

Generally, Xfunnels is a cloud-based application which enables users to come up with lightning fast pages within a few simple clicks. This tool makes use of the drag-n-drop technology to create websites, pages, and product funnels. Moreover, it also has a voice-controlled feature.

XFunnels Review – About Author

Jai Sharma and his team have undoubtedly done a good job with their previous launches. If you have been in this field for a while, you must have heard about LetSetCom, SellinMessenger, or Funnel Messenger. Not only is he an expert in digital marketing, but he definitely knows how to build up a 7-figure business.

The whole team has never failed to impress users with their product’s functionalities and ease of use. Xfunnels is completely similar, except that it offers a brand new supporting tool. If you are interested in building up your site, why not stay in touch with Xfunnels Review to the end?

XFunnels Review – What Are the Features of Xfunnels?

Here is an overview of what Xfunnels has to offer:

  • Immediately create high-converting website and pages
  • The web pages’ loading speed is awesome
  • Provide users with a chance to produce webinar funnels, traffic funnels, lead funnels, page funnels, and so on
  • Page Funnels, Webinar Funnels, Lead Funnels, Traffic Funnels, etc.
  • Supply users with more than 500 professional page templates
  • Instantly fetch any website or page through an available URL, so you can modify and re-publish it effortlessly
  • Pages can interact with humans’ voices
  • Create pages using the artificial intelligence technology

XFunnels Review – My Experience In Using It and How Does Xfunnels Work?

I used this tool as beta tester so you can trust anything I review today.

Now I’m going to take a tour to help you understand everything about it.

Here is main dashboard of XFunnels:

With XFunnels, you can create some kind of sale funnel as below:

I’m going to choose “Sales funnel” as an example today.

There are 5 default pages inside this funnel, including: Optin, Sales, Order form, Order Confirmation, and Thank you.

For each page, you have to choose the template and customize it.

For example: I’m going to choose the template page for my optin page and it is as below:

My optin page is active and ready to edit as below:

Note1: You also can enable A/B testing to compare between 2 different templates. There are tons of templates inside this XFunnels, these templates are designed as Done-For-You Style. They includes everything about structure, design and your work is only to add logo and change some texts under your niche.

When I click “Edit” to customize my page, it jumps on another tab and here I can edit any elements I want. Take a look to my screenshot below:

Then you do the same for the rest of pages in your funnels as Sales, Order Form, Order Confirmation, and Thank You.


The work for Order Form, Order Confirmation, and Thank You Page is similar what I do with Optin page and Sales page.



-TEMPLATE 1: https://app.xfunnels.io/funnels/5b8e42578014d710c88a3d44/5b9230c0423f064da62acf69/

-TEMPLATE 2: https://app.xfunnels.io/funnels/5b8e42578014d710c88a3d44/5b923208423f064da62acf6d/

-TEMPLATE 3: https://app.xfunnels.io/funnels/5b8e42578014d710c88a3d44/5b92325a423f064da62acf6f/

Note3: There are tons of templates on it and sorry I can’t show them all. The purpose when I share the raw template to you is that I want to let you know they are designed enough great for us to work with. You only need to change several elements and you have a good funnel.

Note4: Please remember some raw templates I public here are just sales template while Xfunnels includes other templates as below:

There is another special feature I want to let you know is that Xfunnels supports some apps below, it means you can connect these apps with XFunnels easily.

Note5: XFunnels is cloud-based software so your funnel link is as https://app.xfunnels.io/xxxxxxx (as some my raw templates above). However, it’s still possible for you to add your own domain but keep using XFunnels template.

See my screenshot below:

Using XFunnels can be summarized under 3 steps as below:

  • Step 1: Generate your own funnel, or choose one of the available templates (funnels for lead, webinar, website, conversion, traffic, sales, etc.)
  • Step 2: Pick a page template in any niche, or you can also create a new one. You can also import an available page through URL
  • Step 3: Publish your final version


My Opinion:

Do you know some tools to design sales funnel like ClickFunnel, InstaPage, HelloBar, Unbounce, and so on? If you know them, I think you like XFunnels today. These tools I just list are so expensive. Not only they are expensive, but they also charge you monthly payment.

Xfunnel is only one-time payment tool while it still creates some great funnels like others make.

I appreciate this tool and I think it’s worth buying today.

XFunnels Review – Who Should Use It?

In my opinion, I highly recommend that newbies in online businesses should take this tool into account. It simplifies all of the complicated processes that you are likely to encounter without its support. Specifically, the payment service integrates seamlessly with Stripe, PayPal, along with other email platforms.

Besides, some helpful built-in widgets like A/B Testing and Heat Mapping allow users to keep track of their performance on a regular basis. You can also check out your clicks and conversions at any moment. What set Xfunnels apart is that you never need a hosting server because this product has got it covered.

Pros and Cons


  • Maintain the fast-loading speed even on mobile devices
  • Offer an unlimited bandwidth, funnels, pages, and products
  • The pages are applicable to any niche
  • Users can ask for help from the supporting team 24/7


  • Not any

Why Should You Buy It?

First and foremost, Xfunnels lets subscribers produce any kind of page that you desire in a matter of minutes. What’s more, the developers have customized the funnels to be extremely flexible. As a result, you will find it simple to integrate with your favorite e-commerce platforms, blogging platforms, and autoresponders.

Similarly, you can be creative with all the types of pages that you want to create, including sales pages, webinar pages, local marketing pages, thank-you pages, membership pages, and so on. Besides, Xfunnels provides users with a very special feature, which is to use your voice as a controller of your pages. This type of content makes sure that you rank better on search engines.

Are you ready to start building your own traffic-generating pages?

Evaluation and Price

Overall, the concept of Xfunnels is not very different from other applications because it also focuses on making pages and funnels. Nevertheless, what makes it outshine other products is its specialized features. The ability to make high-converting funnels, fetch available pages, or control using voices are totally outstanding. I think that is the reason why it deserves your investment.

If you are looking forward to owning a copy of this application, you won’t have to wait long. It is going to be out on September 8, 2018. In addition, the front-end price is $47, but there are other price packages. Make sure to take a look at them before making your final decision.

Beside, Xfunnels has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs:

-Front-End (XFunnels – $47-$97) (See Details)

[+]Ultra-Fast Lightening Pages

[+]Click-n-Drag Page Builder

[+]Over 500 High Converting Page Templates

[+]Fetch Any Existing Page/Website via URL

[+]No Domain or Hosting Required

[+]Payment gateways Integrations

[+]Automatic Pixel Placement

[+]One Click A.I Assisted Page Creation

[+]Deep Analytics

[+]Run Live and Live Like Evergreen Webinars

[+]Step-by-Step Video training

[+]GDPR Compliant & SEO Friendly Pages

-OTO 1 (XFunnels Pro – $67-$97) (See Details)

[+]High Converting Landing Page Templates

[+]Fast Lead Page Templates

[+]Fast Sales Page Templates

[+]Fast Video Page Templates

[+]5000 4K Stock Videos In Various Niche

[+]5000 HQ Stock Audios In Various Niche

[+]5 Million HD Stock Images

[+]Premium Photoshop like Web-based Image Editor

[+]xFunnels Pro WordPress Plugin

[+]PREMIUM SUPPORT: Response in 30 minutes

[+]Agency License

[+]Handle Unlimited Client Campaigns

[+]7 Fig. VIP MasterMind Group

-OTO 2 (AI Voice Robot – $67) (See Details)

[+]Optimize your websites, pages for voice search

[+]Display different messages and content based on their past behaviors

[+]Dynamically switches to your visitor’s language

[+]Automatically playing and pausing videos and guide your visitors

[+]Nothing to Install or Host, All done in the cloud

[+]Works With WordPress Sites

-OTO 3 (XFunnels Reseller License – $67) (See Details)

[+]Your Each Client Will Have Access To Features Of xFunnels + xFunnels Pro

500 Account License

[+]With Our Sales Material For Best Conversions

[+]Create Accounts for your Clients Using your Own Dashboard in 1 Click

[+]We’ll Handle Support Of Your All Clients

[+]Accept Payments From Clients In Your Paypal or Anywhere

[+]Create Accounts In 1 Click

[+]Low One Time Investment On Untapped New Technology

Last but not least, I would like to thank my beloved readers for watching out for this Xfunnels Review. It is a blessing to know that my opinions can help some fellow marketers out there make the right choice. However, if you ever need support or you just simply want to find out more about this application, do not hesitate to contact me.

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