How To Build Affiliate Websites Using AI (Step-By-Step)

Build Affiliate Websites Using AI

Build Affiliate Websites Using AI

The benefits of building a website for affiliate marketing with AI

Affiliate marketing has emerged as a great way to earn passive income online. 

By promoting products or services on your website and making a commission for each sale, you can turn your passion into a profitable business. 

However, creating and managing a successful affiliate marketing website requires so much time, effort, and expertise. 

Note: In the past, it’s really really difficult for a newbie to start building a good affiliate blog due to the expensive cost of content builder.

I remembered I always paid over $100 for the informational blog post of around 3000-4000 words to freelancers.

and the fact is to turn your blog to the next level, you need at least 100 high-quality blog posts, which is NOT affordable at all.

This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) comes in. 

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using AI to build a website for affiliate marketing and the necessary tools and strategies to make it a success.

Have you ever wondered how to build a website for affiliate marketing using AI? 

Well, you’re in luck! 

In this article, we’ll share the many benefits of using AI in building a website for affiliate marketing. 

By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of how AI can boost your affiliate marketing efforts and how to get started with it.

Even for building an affiliate website, I believe AI can replace human works up to 60-70%.

Like in terms of general content writing, we now can use AI to write without touching much to it.

I. Build Affiliate Websites Using AI – The Necessary Tools To Build Affiliate Websites:

Let’s start by discussing the necessary tools you’ll need to build a website for affiliate marketing with AI. 

You’ll need reliable tools as below:

1.WordPress theme: GeneratePress

I highly recommend you to use GeneratePress because this is the best SEO-friendly theme based on my tests based on a bunch of websites in the past.

I have been using GeneratePress from 2014 till now. It’s simple, easy to configure based on your interests. 

2.WordPress Plugin:

GeneratePremium: this is the lightweight plugin suggested to install on your website when you purchase GeneratePress.

It allows you to access more advanced modules of GeneratePress like Site Library which you can get more advanced child themes in terms of your niche.

For example: I’m using The Marketer Theme (one of the child themes from GeneratePress, this is very simple to use and configure even if you are a newbie)

RankMath: Basically, it is a simple and powerful plugin to help you get better SEO scores. 

It suggests you to improve your SEO keywords, Meta Descriptions, Keyword Density, etc.

This RankMath plugin has both free and paid editions but I believe the free version is enough for those who start building affiliate websites from scratch.

3.AI Content Creator Tool:

-ChatGPT: Yeah, we don’t need to say much about ChatGPT, it’s launched and now turns our lives to the next level.

ChatGPT now is joining in every corner of the work: from writing simple content to complex essays, stunning salepages, video scripts, etc.

It can even write fully-functional code for developers.

BUT ChatGPT is merely the AI Bot,it can write everything but it only writes good content if you give it good prompts.

For example: You need to write a blog post about topic “how to lose weight in 2 weeks”

You can’t expect it to give you high-quality content if you only give it a prompt like “please write a blog post about how to lose weight in 2 weeks”.

Let’s see the output I get from ChatGPT using the above prompt.

I can’t say “it’s not good” because it gives you a blog post very quickly. 


actually it’s not really good to rank in search engines

Let’s see:

[+] The number of words is only 648, which is basically considered as the “think-content”

[+] the content looks very general which doesn’t provide enough details to engage your blog visitors

[+] the result is you can’t rank on search engines with those poor content, even for high-competition keywords, it’s impossible to rank.

Indeed, AI is just AI and it needs humans to get it going well.

-AIWiseMind Software: This is the cloud-based software which I’m currently using to produce high-quality content for almost all of my websites. (before I hired freelancers, and now I replaced them with AI).

What I like about AIWiseMind the most is it has the ability to produce high-quality blog posts under 4 types of content: 

-Informational Posts

-Amazon product reviews

-Roundup Reviews

-General Product Reviews

Let’s check a blog review which works 100% automatically thanks to AIWiseMind:

(the word “Automatically” here means: Auto-Write and Auto-Schedule)

And the most interesting thing about AIWiseMind is it has complex prompts working in the backend to produce these high-quality blog posts.

You won’t have to figure out any prompt by yourself, all you need to do is select the type of blog post and then give it a keyword.

It will give you the output content (3000-4000+ words) after a few minutes.

=>As being said, I’m using this tool for my business, and I have a review of how to use this tool here

4.Hosting: WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is the reliable wordpress hosting provider I’m currently using for almost all of my websites.

What I like the most about WPX Hosting is the website loading speed.

I can say it’s super fast, you can test it by yourself.

The website loading speed affects website rankings a lot so this is one of the important factors you should consider when it comes to SEO.

II. Build Affiliate Websites Using AI – The Main Strategy

Now that you have the necessary tools in place, let’s talk about the main strategy for building your website. 

1-Build Your Topical Map Keyword:

It starts with creating a topical map keyword by conducting thorough research using tools like SEMrush and Google Search. 

And another way to build a Topical Map Keyword is Sinking deep into the niche you plan to build and understand the needs and interests of your target audience. 

So What is the Topical Map Keyword?

I entered my question into ChatGPT and got the answer as below:

Basically, you can understand a good topical map keyword covers everything you intend to write in your niche.

For example:

I want to build a website about Home Decor, and by using ChatGPT and my own research, there are 4 main categories I will need to place on my website:


-Decorative Accessories

-Kitchen and Dining

-Home Improvement

-Home Organization

and for each of the main categories above, you can use ChatGPT and your own research to get more keywords.

Like for Furniture: We have:

-Living Room Furniture

-Bed Room Furniture

-Dining Room Furniture

And for example: From Category “Living Room Furniture”, I can get more keywords for my website as: sofa, coffee table, TV Stands

You can check my screenshot below to better understand what you need to do:

There are so many topical map keyword tools on the market, but indeed, you need to spend time to research about the niche you plan to do.

Tips: I often use an add-on called “AIPRM – ChatGPT Prompts” created by the 3rd-party to research group of keywords for my website.

Once you install it, your ChatGPT Dashboard looks like as below:

AIPRM is pre-loaded with tons of stunning prompts and you can use the filter to search for the prompt you want.

For example, I use below prompt to build my topical map keyword:

All you need to do is enter the prompt to the box and you are going to get group of keywords as below:

Using AIPRM can help you save time in building your own topical keyword map.
Furthermore, it also has a lot of solid prompts in terms of content research, SEO optimization, content rewriter, etc.

I believe AIPRM is one of the best ChatGPT Add-ons out there.

2-Use AI Content Tool/ChatGPT To Write Content For Your Website:

Once you get your topical keyword map ready, you can start using AI to write content for your website.

As earlier said before, we can directly use ChatGPT to write content or use 3rd AI tools like AIWiseMind to auto-write + auto-publish content for your website.

Here is my detailed blog post of how to use AIWiseMind: 

III. Build Affiliate Websites Using AI – Step by Step To Build An Affiliate Website:

1.Step 1: Buy Domain (Brand New or Expired Domain)

We have 2 options to start building an affiliate website: Buy a brand-new domain or buy an expired domain.

I can’t recommend any option because each option has its pros and cons.

-If you buy a brand-new domain, it often takes time for your website to get through the sandbox – which is the Google algorithm to evaluate all brand new websites. 

No one knows exactly the sandbox time for a website. It might be 2 months, 3 months, even 6 months.

It requires your effort to keep building high-quality content for your website.

Like my review website GlennReview, it took me 1 year (Oct-2015 to Sep-2016) to see the website traffic dramatically rising. 

For brand-new domains, I often choose NameCheap as my favorite domain provider.

-For expired domain, it requires you to research before purchasing.

Some elements to consider before purchasing expired domains are:

+Age domain

+Google Index: Yes/No

+DA/PA of an expired domain 

+Website Traffic

+The content on it and even the old content which was built before. (We can use to figure it out)

+Domain Spam Score

and many more.

The advantage of expired domains is that it can help you quickly get traffic based on existing content.

Note:BUT Not 100% expired domains are effective. Again, it needs us to research, test, and keep building and the process is repeated. 

For expired domains, I often use Godaddy Auction to find the expired domain I want.

All you need to do is use the search box to find the domain you want.

If you have a good budget to start building new websites, you can use Spamzilla to find expired domains.

It provides you with more indicators about expired domains such as Source, TF,CF, MajBL, MajRD, Site Language, DA, PA, Price,etc.

2.Step 2: The process to Build Site

+Connect your domain to hosting: It’s simple, it takes 10 minutes to configure:

Access to your hosting and get Nameservers and then visit your Domain provider dashboard and paste the nameservers to it.

If you are totally a newbie and have no idea how to do it, I highly recommend you to spend time on learning it.

At least you need to learn basic knowledge to get more familiar with later advanced stuff.

If you are really lazy and want to start immediately, I highly recommend you to get WPX Hosting and chat with the support team via Chatbox.

They are available immediately and can help you connect the site A to Z.

Even they have a FREE migration service to help you migrate your website to WPX without any hassles.

If you don’t want anyone to touch your site, I highly recommend use a WordPress Plugin called All-In-One WP Migration to migrate your website. (This plugin is perfect because I used it to migrate my Glennreview website with a very large database and file to another hosting without any hassles, even “No learning curve involved”, just click next next and next, very easy, a child also can do it)

I wrote a very detailed guide to migrate website for those who are not good in the techy stuff (using All-In-One WP Migration), click to read it here:

+Install Theme: You can install any theme you want, but as earlier said before, I highly recommend you to use GeneratePress for your website.

+Install Google Search Console

+Create Logo: I often use a tool called ClickDesign to do all my graphics such as: banner, logo, boxshots, covers, sheets.

Although you can use Canva as the free tool to do all your graphic tasks, I still appreciate ClickDesign App because its Done-For-You templates are very close to the niche I’m working with.

You can read my ClickDesign Review at:

+Create Legal Pages: Before the era of ChatGPT, it’s really time-consuming to write legal pages such as Terms of Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclosure,etc.

Nowadays, it’s getting easier using ChatGPT.

Just entering your request, and ChatGPT can help you write very good legal pages.

For those who use the AI tool called AIWiseMind, it even helps you auto-setup legal pages at the beginning.

3.Step 3: Research Keywords 

Let’s get back to my “Main Strategy” above to check the importance of topical map keywords.

You should get your own topical map done before researching keywords for your site.

Once I have my topical map on hand, I often use Semrush to do keyword research.

Based on your topical map keyword, you can start digging good keywords for your website.

I highly recommend starting with those who are marked “Green” in some keyword tools like Semrush, KWFinder,Majestic,etc.

Your website needs to be built with high-quality informational blog posts at first, and then try with medium keywords.

4.Step 4: Use AI To Automate Content For Your Site

Try to mix informational content with some product reviews, roundup reviews using suitable ratio (like for every 15-20 informational blog posts, you can publish different content to sell something)

I often use AIWiseMind to write different types of content for my websites: Information Blog Posts, Amazon Product Reviews, General Product Reviews.

5.Step 5: Optimize The Site

Keep publishing good content to your site everyday. 

I often publish 3-4 articles to my site everyday.

And Don’t forget to do proper internal link building for your website. 

For example: If you write a blog post about “10 best ideas for a cozy living room”

You can add some internal links writing about relevant  topics like “Top 10 Sofas for A Cozy Living Room”, “How To Choose A Coffee Table For Your Cozy Living Room”

This is all based on how you organize your topical map.

Try to add as many elements as possible to your blog post (Such as: Infographics, Comparison Table, Explainer Videos,etc)

This makes sure to increase the engagement for your blog.

No one wants to spend time reading a blog post only full of texts.

IV. Build Affiliate Websites Using AI – How to monetize your website

Once your website is up and running with high-quality content, it’s time to monetize it. 

Try to keep building content on your website everyday. Once you have traffic coming to your site, you can have numerous options to monetize it.

Here are some popular methods for earning revenue from your affiliate marketing website:

1. Use Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Affiliate Program allows you to promote products from Amazon on your website and earn a commission for each sale. 

By writing product reviews, creating buying guides, and embedding affiliate links into your content, you can generate income based on the number of sales you drive.

2. Use Ads from Ezoic or AdSense

Placing relevant ads on your website can provide another stream of income. 

Ezoic and AdSense are popular ad networks that display ads based on your website’s content and audience. 

By participating in these programs, you can earn money when visitors click on or view the ads.

3. Build Affiliate Websites Using AI – Use Website Flipping

Website flipping involves buying, improving, and selling websites for a profit. 

Once you have achieved a steady flow of traffic and revenue on your affiliate marketing website, you can sell it to interested buyers. 

Platforms like Flippa can help you find potential buyers and negotiate a profitable deal.

4. Build Affiliate Websites Using AI – Sell Banner Ads

If your website attracts a significant amount of traffic, you can sell banner ad spaces to relevant businesses or brands or you can sell guest posts to earn more. 

My website gets a lot of guest post deals every month (as earlier said, keep building good content until you get traffic and then a significant amount of traffic, you can decide the way you want to monetize it)

This can be a mutually beneficial arrangement where you earn money from the ads, and the advertisers gain exposure to their target audience.

V. Build Affiliate Websites Using AI – Conclusion

Building a website for affiliate marketing using AI offers numerous benefits. 

AI tools automate and streamline the content creation and optimization process, saving you time and effort. 

With the right tools, strategy, and monetization methods, you can turn your website into a profitable source of passive income. 

By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you can create a successful affiliate marketing website that attracts targeted traffic and drives conversions. 

Start building your website today and harness the power of AI to maximize your affiliate marketing success.

Build Affiliate Websites Using AI

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