ChatGPT and Pictory: The Perfect AI Video Generator!

ChatGPT and Pictory

ChatGPT and Pictory

I. ChatGPT and Pictory – INTRODUCTION

It’s arguable that video is the single most effective marketing technique that’s available right now. 

Consumers engage with sales via the video content that is hosted on news and entertainment websites, in addition to the many types of e-commerce websites. 

A video may be used to portray the culture of a company, it can be used to launch a new product, and it can even be used as a tool for managing a reputation.

Your company’s story may be told in a concise manner via the use of videos, even when those concepts are complicated. The use of visual and aural signals in video marketing provides your firm a voice, and in the same way that a blockbuster movie does at the cinema, it stimulates the human senses. 

At its core, it may be summed up in the words of Bill Horneck, who once observed, “All videos are business tales.”

Several other content creation AIs have emerged as a result of advances in AI technology, the most notable of which being ChatGPT and Pictory AI. 

These are two strong tools that may be used to create content that is engaging. 

So, how to combine them wisely? ChatGPT and Pictory?

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool powered by AI technology that enables you to conduct human-like discussions with a chatbot and much more. 

The language model can answer queries and help you with activities like email, essay writing, and coding. While ChatGPT is in the research and feedback-collection phase, use is now free to the public.

According to a UBS investigation, ChatGPT is the fastest growing app of all time. UBS believes that ChatGPT had 100 million active users in January, barely two months after its inception. 

In contrast, TikTok took nine months to achieve 100 million users.

ChatGPT is a language model designed to have a conversation with the end user. 

A search engine indexes web pages on the internet to assist users in finding the information they need. 

ChatGPT does not have the capacity to do online searches.

It generates a response using the knowledge it learnt from training data, which allows space for mistakes.

Pictory.AI is an online video creator that comes with a complete video marketing toolkit. It automatically creates short, highly-shareable branded videos from our long form content for us.

Pictory.AI is especially quick, easy, and cost-effective. No technical skills or software download is required at all.

In this blog article, I will show you how to utilize these two fantastic tools to make compelling films and so earn cash.


ChatGPT can help you write scripts for any kinds of videos you want.

It can help you write video scripts to promote products from different affiliate networks such as ClickBank, Amazon, Maxweb, Jvzoo, WarriorPlus, and many more.

Today I’ll go with Exipure from ClickBank, a natural formula for burning fat safely and healthy 

I’ve promoted them in the past, they pay out 50% per sale, which isn’t too bad, and they have an average an average commission of around $100, but because they have a lot of products, I can make a lot of different videos on their products using one specific YouTube channel based around natural ingredients for losing weight or weight loss.

To start with, just write your prompt into the chat box at the bottom of your screen: Type your request in the chat field, making sure to include the concept you choose from ChatGPT (or your own idea). 

And that is all there is to it. 

Let ChatGPT develop a whole video script for you in a matter of seconds.

The only thing left to do is compose your video screenplay. Or, more accurately, to let ChatGPT compose it.

This is an excellent tool for quickly producing short-form material such as TikToks and YouTube Shorts. 

You can always stretch your ChatGPT video scripts out with examples and asides for something like a video for your normal YouTube channel, to give it a more personal touch and add a little bit of viewing time.

If you want ChatGPT to create the script for any videos longer than 5 minutes, I’d suggest first requesting an overview, then having the AI write each portion of that outline independently.

Furthermore, ChatGPT can help you write a new video script based on any Youtube video.

All you need to do is install a Chrome Extension on your web browser called:

This is a perfect way to help you create a new video script from a good video on Youtube.

Once installed, you can extract script from any Youtube video as below:

Then you can use ChatGPT to create your own video script based on the script you get from above video:

And let’s wait a few seconds, and we are going to get a new video script as below:

Now you can use Pictory to automatically turn this video script to a stunning video with automated slides, automated voices in seconds.

Please keep reading the next section from my article, we will give you a very perfect method to turn a video script or a random text to a stunning video using AI.

And In the scope of this article today, I also give you another perfect way to use a super amazing tool to turn ChatGPT to a sharp weapon.

(You should know that if you don’t provide a good and detailed prompt, ChatGPT also can’t give you a good answer).

That’s why there is a Chrome Extension developed and it collects tons of great Done-For-You prompts to help you use ChatGPT in the most effective way.

The tool I mentioned above is called AIPRM for ChatGPT:

You can find this tool from Chrome Store, and it’s free and easy to use 

Once installed, your ChatGPT now looks like below:

With this useful tool, you can take advantage of using Done-for-you prompts for any purpose.

For example, I want to create a good video script, and I can enter keyword “Video” into the search box as below:

I got so many Done-For-You prompts in terms of video script creator as seen below:

As you can see, so many Done-For-You ChatGPT prompts are available to use in seconds. It brings ChatGPT to the next level.

With AIPRM for ChatGPT extension, you can even write video scripts for Video Ads, Story-telling video, Local Video, Tiktok Videos,etc.

Not just Video script, There are so many ways to turn ChatGPT into a money maker machine.

I highly recommend you to check this product: ChatGPT Empire

It’s a training course created by Alessandro, a seasoned vendor in Internet Marketing, he will cover every corner of how to use ChatGPT to make money online.

For example: How to use ChatGPT to create automated blogs, how to use ChatGPT to create books and sell it on Amazon KDP, etc

He makes a very detailed training course in terms of ChatGPT.

This is the best course about ChatGPT I’ve ever seen since ChatGPT was launched. 

In the next section, I will give you a very detailed step-by-step of how to use an AI tool called Pictory to automatically turn your video script into a stunning video.


Here I’m inside of the Pictory Dashboard.

If you don’t have Pictory account, you can get a free trial account here

Click on the “Proceed” button, it will take us to the script editor. From here, I need to paste my script:

In the next step, Pictory.AI will break down my script into scenes. Before that, I’d like to share some interesting settings as shown in the above screenshot:

  • Scene setting let us set some rules up here, like how should A.I. break my script? Should A.I. highlight keywords or do I want to do it manually? 

(For my first time, I will go ahead with default settings as recommended)

  • Highlight settings allow me to highlight my keywords, which will help A.I. find better visuals for me for each scene.

Okay, now let me paste my script and proceed, it’s about the ebook topic. I can also enable “Spell check” for my script.

Next step, I will pick a template from the template library and an aspect ratio (this can be changed later):

And I have my video storyboard created! This storyboard is so powerful and the best part so far, let me show you right now.

As can be seen below, Pictory.AI broke down my script into scenes. 

It picked a keyword in each scene and highlighted it as well. It also automatically selected the best images and video footage representing the summary sentences:

You should have a scene that directs your viewer to the link of the products you promote. 

I can go to the “Visuals” section to change the visual of that scene too. It’s a large library of stock images and videos:

With the “Elements” section, I can add sizzle to my videos and increase engagement with cool new elements including stickers, emojis, GIfs. I can even add Call To Actions (CTAs) to skyrocket my sales:

Inside the “Audio” section, I can add background music, get A.I. to generate voice-over for my video. 

I can pick a suitable voice-over track based on the regions, the sex, and the speed:

Otherwise, I can even record voice-over directly from the app, or upload my voice-over file.

The “Style” section allows me to change the style of the subtitle in my video:

I can also add my watermark or logo thanks to the “Branding” section:

When I’m satisfied with the editing, I simply click on the “Generate” button. It has 3 options here:

  1. Generate video
  2. Generate spreadsheet of social video posts
  3. Generate social video posts for Hootsuite (Hootsuite is a social media management platform, where you can do large social posts in multiple platforms)

If I choose the option “Generate spreadsheet as social posts”, below is what we will see: 

Then wait a minute for the video generation:

When it’s done, you have all of the below options to download and share your project:

Here’s what the “My projects” tab looks like. It’s really easy to manage mine from here:

This is the example I’ve just made: 


Before producing any material, I believe that you should do a search to determine what it is that the majority of people are looking for so that we can see the trend and become more converting.

If you want to read full Pictory Review, you can visit this article: 

We made a very detailed step-by-step of how to use Pictory to create a faceless AI Video in seconds. It covers all Pictory modules.


ChatGPT and Pictory – You can see how simple and quick it can be to create videos using this method; it all depends on how in-depth you want to get with editing it or adding different voices to it; that’s all there is to it; and then you just repeat the process depending on how many keywords you have; for example, you might have a list of five or six different keywords you want to use based on this product. 

You can see how simple and quick it can be to create videos using this method; it all depends on how in-depth You can continue to create new scripts by utilizing chat GPT for this purpose, and then you can return and create another set of videos, which may take you ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes each to create.

If you do this, you will have a complete set of videos within a day’s time, which you can then use to begin promoting affiliate products.

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