Minute Kit Affiliate Review – Get 7 JVZoo Products live in under 60s

Minute Kit Affiliate Review

Minute Kit Affiliate Review

Minute Kit Affiliate Review – Introduction

Do you want to sell JVZoo products and partner products without having to do a lot of work to set them up? 

‘Minute Kit’ finally lets you do it. (It just Theynt online!)

In less than a minute, you can have SEVEN subscription sites that include:

[+] Lead attractor

[+] Sales and delivery devices that work by themselves

[+] Funnels for each (upsells, downsells, and cross sells, selling each other!) 

That are hosted, created, and live and making you 100% commissions in less than 1 minute

Want to know the details? Please explore it more in my Minute Kit Affiliate Review.

Minute Kit Affiliate Review – Overview

Vendor: Cindy Donovan
Product: Minute Kit AI
Launch Date: 2023-Sep-05
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $17
Recommendation: Highly Recommend
Home Page: https://minutekit.com
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: List Building

Minute Kit Affiliate Review – What is Minute Kit Affiliate?

Hosted Websites With Entire Product Funnels And Ongoing Affiliate Sales From JVZoo, Warrior Plus & Clickbank Using Their Traffic



Hosted Websites With Entire Product Funnels And Ongoing Affiliate Sales From JVZoo, Warrior Plus & Clickbank Using Their Traffic



There’s Nothing Holding You Back

From Having Responsive Email Lists Products You Can Sell & Keep All Profits

And A Managed-For-You, Growing Online Business You Can Be Proud Of!

  • No Tech Skills Required
  • No Creative Talents Needed
  • No Writing Necessary
  • No Expensive Hosting Or Software
  • No ‘Guru’ Level Lists & Traffic Needed
  • No Domain Required


  • Indeed, I truly do not find any other issue with Minute Kit Affiliate software.

Minute Kit Affiliate Review – Features and Benefits


Minute Kit AI Gives You Seven Theybsites Each With:

  • Lead Capture Page: With hosted & automated autoresponder
  • Confirmation Page: For an excellent subscriber experience
  • Download Page: Delivering your high quality gifts
  • Bridging/Offer Page: Offering a matched $9.97 upgrade
  • One Time Offer/Upsell Page: Encouraging a $27 upgrade
  • Downsell Page: Presenting a discounted offer for $22
  • Second Upsell Page: More value & more profits at $47
  • Theylcome Page: Thanking your customer, sharing what’s next
  • Members Download Area: Automatically delivering products

Here Are Just Some Of The (Optional) Additional Features

✅Autoresponder Integration

Connect your autoresponder to have a copy of the leads added to your list, with additional integrations by request

✅Add Your Own Scripts

Add conversion codes, messenger bots, heat trackers, retargeting codes,  to give you full functionality

✅Use Your Own Domain Name

✅Track Clicks & Conversions


It’s something anyone can use and set up in under one minute. 

  • There’s no complicated customization or expensive integrations in store
  • It sends payments directly to your JVZoo and Clickbank accounts
  • Connect your own autoresponder, webinar software or SMS messaging tools.
  • Ready ‘out of the box’ but flexible enough so you can add tracking scripts, heat mapping or messenger bots
  • Track your clicks and conversions in real time.
  • Use your own domain name and so much more.

Minute Kit Affiliate Review – How does it work?

Setting Up Your Seven Websites Is Easy As 1, 2, 3

  • Step 1: Connect

Connect your JVZoo account by adding your JVZoo ID in your “Settings” page

If you’ve never heard of JVZoo before, that’s ok too – we show you how to create and set up your free account!

  • Step 2: Request

Send a JVZoo request for ONE product.  We own the account so you’re guaranteed approval.

We’ll approve you within 12-24hrs to get 100% commissions for ALL 11 products in your 7 website bundle

  • Step 3: Traffic

Use our predesigned one-click traffic toolkit containing banners, social media posts, email swipes & more.

Once done, the automated emails drive traffic to your buy buttons & funnel items for you

Minute Kit Affiliate Review – My experience using it

I was a beta tester for this software and will now demonstrate how to utilize Minute Kit Affiliate.

You may rely on my advice. Every word in this essay is based on my actual experience, and I will do my best to keep it as genuine as possible.

Your Cloud Hosted Theybsite Collection Also Includes:

All Products Created For You

Each of your Theybsites offers a perfectly crafted irresistible lead magnet.  They’re all different, but all high end.  You’ll be able to give away video courses, software collections & more and let the system go to work for you!

You Can Simply Give Away Video Courses, Software Collections
& ChatGPT Prompt Bundles All Of High Value To Build Your Lists

You can give away products people have had to pay for to access in the past, in niches proven to stand the test of time. 

That’s just the FREE gifts you can share. 

Your customers will get even MORE value…!

Each of your hosted, readymade gifts purposefully guides them towards buying the upgrades, giving them access to a vast collection of even better quality content and their own members area dashboard. 

Any products that are sold are delivered inside your customer’s members area, giving them additional members-only training and resource collections, automatically delivered as soon as your customer’s payment hits your account!

All Pages Written & Designed For You

Writing high converting sales copy and designing it in a way that makes people want to buy either takes YEARS to master, or thousands of dollars  out of your pocket.  For each Theybsite!

They’ve done it all for you.  Landing pages, upsell/downsell/cross sell offers and more.   They’ve even filmed high quality sales videos and added them to your pages.  

There’s nothing for you to edit, customise, set up – no buy buttons to add, or code to mess with.  It’s ready instantly. 

All Emails Written & Queued For You

Your Theybsites automatically deliver the lead magnets, then send followup emails over 30 days delivering high quality training, bonus resources and real reasons for them to open each and every email, gently prompting them  to buy the products in your funnel

They add your links to every email in that sequence and queue it in our hosted & managed-for-you autoresponder.  There’s no need to edit/write/touch an email or mess with software.

That’s A Full 30 Days Of Automated Sales Emails Being Sent For You, All With Your Links.  THEN…

Once that 30 days is finished, They’ll find targeted offers, review them, create bonuses, write emails & send them all with your affiliate links … for as long as that person says subscribed…!

They send out approximately 2-4 emails every Theyek to your subscribers keeping them engaged and buying related offers They’ve researched that are perfectly tailored to their interests.  

All with your affiliate links.   They’ll do ALL the work of continuing to monetize your assets for you!

Automated & Ready To Use In Under One Minute

Our goal with Minute Kit AI was to make this the most beginner friendly, fast and easy way to start seeing results online.

So if you are starting out (or just in a hurry), everything is 100% ready to go after you’ve complete your one minute activation.  Right out of the box you’ll have:

  • 7 Complete Theybsites: Capturing Leads, Filled With Products & Completely Automated
  • Packed With Products: Sell Perfectly Tailored $9.97, $22, $27 & $47 Products In Your Funnels
  • Ongoing Commissions: Managed JVZoo, W+ & Clickbank Promos Theyll After That First Lead Arrives
  • No Limits: Add Unlimited Subscribers & Customers On All 7 Theybsites, & Even Have Them Sharing Too!

Frequently Asked  Questions

👉Truth is Cindy…I skipped right to the end. Can you sum up FunnelMates for me in just a few words?

No problem. Just imagine having a collection of complete Theybsites, with lead capture, upsells, downsells, cross sells & more fully automated and sending out links ALL with your affiliate ID’s in them.    All ready in under one minute.

👉Hold on. Did you say set up takes under one minute? How is that even possible?

Yep, 1 minute. I know, I know. It sounds a little out there… Luckily for you, I made a video to show you just that. (Ironically, it’s longer than it takes you to set up all seven Theybsites inside of MinuteKit AI.)

👉Ok, I get it now. So, which affiliate networks will be sending the commissions and product sales?

You’ll be able to get commissions from ALL the big players… JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank and more…The list goes on.

That’s not the best bit though. This is all done on complete autopilot, with sales and commissions sent directly to your own account – there’s no middleman cut, you’ll get it all – and for the products INSIDE your funnels?  You get 100% of the profits, They don’t even take a commission. 

👉Cindy, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way…but what’s your background?

Don’t be silly. It’s an important question.

They’ll… I’ve been a full time online marketer for over 14 years after getting started by ‘accident’. I created a Theybsite in my forced downtime while undergoing chemotherapy for some particularly aggressive cancer. I knew nothing about online business, or business at all… haha!

It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so excited to be here, cancer free for over 12 years and owning a successful lifestyle business I never dreamed possible. I’m now truly passionate about doing what I can to see YOU experience the freedom this kind of business can bring!

👉Is This Really Suitable For Beginners?

Absolutely.  They’ve created this to give anyone a chance to get into Internet Marketing, without the dreadful learning curves so many other products out there require

👉I really want to give MinuteKit a try. Is there a Guarantee?

ABSOLUTELY! Listen, I think this is the BEST and easiest Theybsite bundle bar none out there on the market today as it’s designed specifically to make your life as easy as possible.

But of course, I’m biased.

That’s why I want to give you a chance to remove all doubt and instead of locking yourself into something “forever”, I invite you to just try it out instead.

When You Join Our Happy MinuteKit family now, and if you aren’t absolutely thrilled with your results in 30 days, simply contact our support team and They’ll refund your money. No Questions asked, No hard feelings, No Kidding!

They’ve Even Prepared TRAFFIC For You!

⭐You’ll get traffic 3 easy ways

  • One-Click Traffic Toolkit: You’ll have a collection of banners, email swipes and prewritten social share resources already embedded with your name and link, ready to click, post and profit.
  • Self Perpetuating Traffic Funnel: Once a subscriber joins your list through one of your giveaways, they’ll receive emails encouraging them to share, purchase or buy other products all with your links
  • Done-For-You Paid Traffic: If you’ve ever wanted to run paid traffic but not sure how, this is for you. We offer reasonably priced traffic packages getting your websites seen by people who need it!




For me, this app is definitely a game changer thanks to all the benefits it provides. And as a matter of fact… In this digital era, every business (no matter online or local) must have an online presence to build a brand and create trust in its audience and potential customers. I believe that this app brings the best to your business. Each & Every Profitable Business Online, Has This as Its Backbone. And… If You Want to Run a Fine-Tuned Business, You’ll Need It Too.

Pros and cons


There’s Nothing Holding You Back

From Having Responsive Email Lists Products You Can Sell & Keep All Profits

And A Managed-For-You, Growing Online Business You Can Be Proud Of!

  • No Tech Skills Required
  • No Creative Talents Needed
  • No Writing Necessary
  • No Expensive Hosting Or Software
  • No ‘Guru’ Level Lists & Traffic Needed
  • No Domain Required


  • Indeed, I truly do not find any other issue with Minute Kit Affiliate software.

Price and Evaluation

✅Front End: Minute Kit AI (FE LINK)


(NOTE: Both links will redirect to our pre launch page where your links are hardcoded for our pre launch Theybinar.  When launch is live They’ll automatically direct to sales page)

Description: Members will receive access to:

[+] Minute Kit AI Membership: Training zone guiding how to complete the 1 minute set up, activate the inbuilt traffic systems where many beginners see their first sales in under 24hrs. 

[+] FunnelMates Membership containing 7 complete prebuilt lead magnets, sales funnels and done-for-you upsells and cross promotions for all 7 sales systems.  All pages, emails, promotional materials and traffic tools are instantly embedded with your sales links. 

[+] Personal Usage Of 7 Top End Training Bundles
[+] Resellers Theybsites For All 7 Membership Sites
[+] Lead Magnet & Auto Cross-Sell System For All 7 Sites
[+] Video Training Modules For Setup & Sales

Option 1, Minute Kit AI Starts At $16.47 progressing to $17, then jumping to $27 after launch

Option 2, Minute Kit AI Bundle $197 Bundle Offer Includes All Funnel Items: 

  • Minute Kit AI FE & Bonuses
  • Minute Kit AI Advanced Training & Resource Kit
  • Minute Kit AI Source Code & Bonuses
  • Minute Kit AI Traffic Booster
  • Minute Kit AI Resellers License & Bonuses

OTO1: Minute Kit AI Advanced ($27)

Price: $19.97

  • Advanced Training Series (Video) sharing 10 unique strategies to making more sales and bigger profits with their Minute Stock businesses
  • Advanced Training Checklist 
  • 30 Day Fast Start Planner (5-10 min a day tasks)

NOTE: There is no need to request to promote for those affiliate links – links are there ONLY if you choose to offer exclusive bonuses to people to encourage them to upgrade

✅OTO2: Minute Kit AI Source File Bundle ($37 for all or $27 each)

Option 1: $37 entire PLR bundle

Option 2-8: $67 each

  • Affiliate Wisdom
  • Copy Cash Cow
  • Launch Rocket
  • The FISH Method
  • Startup Survival Kit
  • Social Media Superstar
  • Traffic Warrior 

[+] Source codes, video, docs, sales pages, PSD files and more to all 7 of the Minute Kit AI training bundles.
[+] PLR license to customise as you like

✅OTO3: Minute Kit AI Traffic Booster ($147 one-time or $97/month)

Customers receive:
[+] Ability to have all 7 links added to our traffic rotator so They’ll send leads into your funnels, grow your lists and build your business

✅OTO4: Minute Kit AI Reseller ($47 one-time)

Customers will receive 100% of funnel sales.  FE product MUST be purchased.  Cannot be promoted until after 12th of Sept.  


I hope that my Minute Kit Affiliate Review can assist you in making a more informed and timely decision. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section of this blog post. Thank you for your time. Best of luck to you!

NOTE: THIS IS THE SPECIAL DEAL FROM ME: I Will Support You Whenever You Want. (Just Add My Skype: rick.nguyen61). If You Buy This Product From My Site, You Can Ask Me Anything You Want.

I Will Help You Make Couple Of Sales When Using This Product.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:


  • Step 2: You Will Get ALL my CLOUD-BASED SOFTWARE Bonuses BELOW and REMEMBER to hit me through ducvpbcf@gmail.com to confirm that you had done this step 2. You will get my Bonuses within 12 hours.





zero product creation funnels

Mail It



800 graphics & 200 logos




image blaster bonus



web video player bonus


webbyapp bonus

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