VSLMaker Review – High Impact Video Scripts For Your Sales Videos

VSLMaker Review

VSLMaker Review

VSLMaker Review – Introduction

Hi there,

Let me ask you a quick question.

Do you own any video creation software?

If the answer is yes, keep reading…

You see, there are many video apps software on the market, but the problem is that without a compelling video script your videos will not sell anything.

You need to have great video scripts for your videos to convert visitors to buyers.

People like to buy stuff but your video needs to convince them to buy.

This is where VSLmaker comes in.

VSLmaker is a new, first of its kind, groundbreaking app, which allows you to generate both full length video scripts & script-based videos by simply swiping done-for-you templates and filling in the blanks.

It was designed to help you make more sales by producing stunning, jaw dropping video scripts and then generating ready to go script-based videos.

VSLmaker can be just an app you need to finally create converting sales videos, affiliate videos, explainer videos, and even social video ads (it does also webinar slides).

VSLmaker revolutionary technology creates fascinating video scripts and script-based videos IN MINUTES!

You can create them for yourself or for your clients. (Creating video scripts & script-based videos is a HUGE seller on Fiverr!)

Please keep reading my VSLMaker Review to see more details.

VSLMaker Review – Overview

Vendor: Andrew Darius et al
Product: VSL Maker
Launch Date: 2020-Apr-07
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $67
Recommendation: Highly Recommend
Home Page: http://vslmaker.com/
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 
Niche: Software 

VSLMaker Review – What Is VSL Maker?

First to market solution which allows users to make both high impact video scripts and script-based videos by simply filling in the blanks and swiping done-for-you templates

People will be able to generate those scripts and script-based videos for lead capture, sales, affiliate reviews, explainers, webinar registration, case studies, keyword based SEO, and even video ads for every social platform.

With VSLmaker every step that used to take days now just takes minutes.

It is the very first solution on our market which does all from start to finish.

In short it takes the user from nothing, not even a script all the way from script, to voice over, to fully ready to use video.

Users do not need a copywriter or copywriting skill or have any technical skill to have sales videos, explainer videos, affiliate “bridge video” or social ads videos done.

There are First-To-Market complete solutions like that from nothing to videos ready to sell products & services, and also advertising videos.

VSLMaker Review – VSL Maker Author

VSLMaker is created by Andrew Darius – an expert in video marketing. The launch of VSLMaker has been planned for months ago with an aim to become a top-notch tool to generate sale scripts.

Let’s talk a little bit about Andrew Darius. He is an online business person for a long time and has had some great achievements in his career. Until now, people know him from his straightforwardness and competency.

This product is not going to be just a conventional web platform, in fact, it is a versatile tool that you can use to build your 7 figure online in video marketing.

We can name a few his producs:  Clipdramatizer, Funnelify, VocalizerBundle 2020, Doodleze,etc.

VSLMaker Review – VSL Maker Features

[+]With VSLmaker App You Do Not Need To Hire A Copywriter Either

The problem with it is, that it is not only very expensive but can take weeks to communicate back and forth before a copywriter is even close to understanding what you want to achieve, and even then they may fail to deliver results because something was misunderstood or missed.

It does not have to be that way anymore. This is why today I am extremely excited to announce that you no longer have the only two traditional options to have your video script done.

From today they give you the 3rd option – VSLmaker app.

VSLmaker is a new, first of its kind, groundbreaking app, which allows you to not only generate full length video scripts by filling in the blanks and simply swiping done-for-you templates, but also it allows you to generate fully featured videos from the scripts.

[+]Do Not Make Videos Which Ends Up Looking Like A 5th Grader’s School Project.

Traditionally once you already have a script, creating high quality videos from it is an extremely time consuming process, because the vast majority of video apps are not designed for video production from scripts.

Majority of video creation apps are either meant to create small bit size videos to share or advertise on social media, or they are overloaded with unnecessary features, which are difficult to use, and they can take you hours upon hours to create just one video.

Plus, if you are not a designer and try to use general video creation apps, your video very often ends up looking like a 5th grader’s school project. It does not have to be like that anymore.

VSLMaker Review – My Experience In Using It and How Does It Work?

I used this product as a beta tester and today I’m going to make this honest review for you.

So you can trust everything from my review.

Here I’m inside of VSL Maker dashboard as seen below:


In this dashboard, there are a few modules you can work with:

-Import or Club: You can click on Import or Club to load the framework to your project.

-My Sales Copies: This is where includes all your generated sale scripts

-New Project: this is where you can start creating your own sale script from scratch, it will walk you through on-site step by step to complete your sale script

-My File: is where you can edit your profile or change your password

-Support Desk: is where you can raise your question when using VSL Maker

-How To Videos: is a walkthrough video showing an overview of VSL Maker, make sure you watch it before diving in the software.

Now I would  like to show you to create sales script from scratch using VSL Maker.

Here you will have to go through out 12 steps as below:

-Step 1:


This is the latest AI technology coming up with Done-For-You templates so all you need to do is click on each step and you’ll be asked to select your template as seen below:


You can preview any editable template and click on Insert to add it to your slide as seen below:



When you click on “Insert” button, it’s ready to edit as below:


You continue using VSL Maker templates for step 2-12, each step will point out what you have to do and show you DFY templates as below:

-Step 2: Agitate The Problem


-Step 3: Show Why Existing Solutions Don’t Work


-Step 4: Reveal a new solution


-Step 5: Introduction and Product Presentation


-Step 6: What Makes Your Product Better


-Step 7: Describe what makes your product unique


-Step 8: Reiterate with Bullet Points


-Step 9: Customer Testimonials


-Step 10: Money Back Guarantee


-Step 11: Scarcity and The Call to Action


-Step 12: Reminder Plus Final Call to Action


Note1: Multiple Frameworks

Above is 12 step VSL Framework.

The beauty of VSL Maker is it allows you to use different frameworks as seen below:


So depending on your marketing purpose, you can select any framework you want.

Note2: Voiceovers:

The VSL Maker app is going to introduce a few famous persons who specialize in producing high-quality voiceovers so you can check and order from them:


If you don’t want to order voiceovers from these guys, I highly recommend you to use a product called “VoiceBuddy”.

It’s the text-to-speech tool that allows you to generate natural human sounding voiceovers in minutes.

Here, take a listen to a few samples I’ve produced:




And Check My Voicebuddy Review at: https://glennreview.com/voicebuddy-review/



The beauty of this product is the interface is straight forward. It has different frameworks suitable to every type of marketing purpose.

On top of that, it breaks down each framework to multiple steps and each step also shows you what you have to do.

Furthermore, each step contains tons of Done for you templates, and all you need to do is select one of them and edit it in your own style.

I can guarantee with you that it’s not cheap to order a VSL service on Fiverr.

That’s why VSL Maker comes in to solve this problem

Having said that I highly recommend VSL Maker to you today.

Pros and Cons


[+]It’s newbie friendly, anyone can use it to create sale script for their videos.

[+]The interface is straightforward because it breaks down step by step for you

[+]It has multiple frameworks suitable to your marketing purpose

[+]Each step in the framework points out what you have to do and accordingly brings tons of DFY templates for your selection.

[+]It also introduces a few top-notch guys in generating high-quality voiceovers


I found no disadvantages from this software.

Who Should Use It?

This product is suitable for:

[+]Affiliate marketers

[+]CPA marketers

[+]Product owners

[+]eCom marketers


[+]Social media marketers

Price And How To Buy It?

VSL Maker has 1 Front-End and 4 Upsells:

-Front-End (VSL Maker – $67)

-Upsell 1 (VSLMaker Pro – $47)

PRO Upgrade Enables To Go Beyond Video Scripts & Script-Based video

People Get 6 More Frameworks For: Sales Letters, Headlines, Bullet Points, Lead Capture, Webinar Registrations, And Facebook Ads.

PLUS They Get Done-For-You Web Templates To Make Web Pages Based On VSLmaker PRO Upgrade Frameworks.

-Upsell 2 (VSLMaker Club – $17/m or $119/y)

People Can Take Business To The Next Level With VSLmaker Profit Club

People can hugely increase what VSLmaker can do for you by joining VSLmaker Profit Club.

VSLmaker Profit Club opens up the entire video script and web page copy library we use in our own business, PLUS it gives people 120 new kinetic text animation templates, and tons of other video creation assets.

So it opens up a large range of new video scripts, sales pages, and script-based videos that people can make

-Upsell 3 (VSLMaker Agency – 5-sub users and Unlocks 1080p and 4k rendering – $67)

People Can Upgrade To Agency License And Start Profiting More While Working Less

They Get Access For 5 More Users PLUS Unlock 1080p & 4 Ultra HD Video Render, And Get Access To Over a Million Royalty Free Stock Photos & Video Footages

-Upsell 4 (Doodleoze video app)

Groundbreaking App Which Makes Blackboard, Whiteboard, Greenboard & Even Glassboard Doodle Videos In Minutes!

Easier Doodle Video Creator That Makes Eye-Catching Spectacular Doodle Sketch Videos That Attract Attention & Convert Visitors Into Buyers in 3 Simple Steps!


Thanks for reading my VSL Maker Review.

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